Core Curriculum and Credit Recovery

Core Curriculum and Credit Recovery

Edgenuity’s courses provide students in grades six through twelve with the opportunity to re-engage with school, receive additional instruction, and earn credits to graduate on time. Courses also include options for pretesting and prescriptive learning paths to support a mastery-based approach.

English Language Arts

With a wide breadth of enriching courses, Edgenuity offers middle and high school students a self-paced, engaging way to complete critical English language arts


From middle school math to pre-calculus, Edgenuity offers a complete catalog of interactive and rigorous mathematics curriculum
for students in grades
six through twelve.


Edgenuity’s comprehensive core science curriculum offers offers districts, schools, and students a virtual solution to learning everything from
Earth science to the
complex study
of physics.

Social Studies

Edgenuity’s social studies courses provide middle and high school students with an innovative approach to learning about the history, government, economics, and
culture that has
shaped our world.

World Languages

Highly interactive courses build students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, while also introducing them to an array of cultures where other languages are spoken.

Advanced Placement

Edgenuity allows students to earn early college credits, expand their educational opportunities, prepare for the AP exam, and learn how to succeed in their post-secondary efforts.

General Electives

A diverse selection of electives such as art history, psychology, and health and physical education provides students with a well-rounded, individualized education allowing
the pursuit of

Test Preparation

Edgenuity helps all students succeed with individualized, adaptive test preparation programs for state and national assessments, including end-of-course and exit

Career + Technical Education

A full suite of career courses including career exploration, elective, and career pathways that prepare students for industry certification.

Core Curriculum

Expands curriculum with proven, standard-based courses in English language arts, math, science, social studies, and electives
for initial credit.


Provides targeted, differentiated instruction in English language arts and mathematics.

Summer School

Allows for engaging, cost-effective summer programs, including supplemental instructional services, for credit recovery or acceleration.