Providing educational solutions for schools and districts, including core curriculum, career and technical education, specialized elective courses, and advanced placement.

Core Curriculum

Expands curriculum with proven, standard-based courses in English language arts, math,
science, social studies,
and electives for
initial credit.

Concept + Credit Recovery

Gives students the opportunity to re-engage with school, receive additional instruction, retake
courses, and earn
credits to graduate
on time.

Career Technical Education

Offers a full suite of career courses, including career exploration, electives, and Career Pathways that prepare students for
industry certifications.

Middle School

Helps students build a strong foundation for success in high school and beyond.

Instructional Services

Provides certified teachers and online teaching and coaching services to support your program’s

Edgenuity MyPath

Discover a new supplemental program that offers data-driven differentiated instruction for math and reading, and provides age-appropriate content for students below grade level.

Professional Development

Supports successful program implementation—from curriculum planning and data analysis to motivating online learners.


Provides targeted, differentiated instruction in English language arts and mathematics.

Special Populations

Supports English language learners and students with special needs with embedded scaffolds, best practices in instruction, and a flexible accommodations and
modifications system.

Summer School

Allows for engaging, cost-effective summer programs, including supplemental instructional
services, for credit
recovery or


Delivers study aids, test preparation, and developmental programs to support student placement
and success in higher

Incarcerated Youth

Offers a secure online environment for self-paced learning across a full course catalog.

Dual Credit

Our dual credit courses give students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit.

Blended Learning Models

Blended learning in K–12 occurs across a number of implementation models. Edgenuity utilizes a taxonomy to categorize
these different
learning models.