Core Curriculum

Preparing students for college and career readiness

Edgenuity courses were designed to meet the demands of state and national standards, with an entirely new suite built for the Common Core. All-new courses include new instruction, tools, readings, assignments, and multimedia resources, with embedded scaffolds to help all students meet the challenges of more rigorous standards in every state.

English Language Arts

Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction

Edgenuity courses emphasize essays, speeches, memoirs, historical documents, and scientific articles. Through nonfiction reading, students gain insight into their world and themselves.

Practice with complex text and academic language.

Academic language is carefully spiraled throughout Edgenuity courses, ensuring students have multiple exposures to high-yield words and learn them to mastery. Complex texts like Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue,” and Thomas Paine’s Common Sense anchor instruction in literary analysis.

Reading, writing, and speaking grounded in textual evidence.

Edgenuity courses require the close and active reading of text, with all tasks and assignments grounded firmly in comprehension and analysis of the text itself. Students learn to make and support arguments with textual evidence and to communicate their arguments to a variety of audiences.


Greater focus on fewer topics.

Newly built courses devote ample time to the major work of each grade, allowing time for students to develop deep knowledge and long-term transfer.

Coherence within and across grades

Common Core progressions were used to develop each course’s scope and sequence, making connections across topics and building the foundation for the next grade.

Rigorous attention to conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application

Instruction connects the new to the known, building on students’ existing mathematical knowledge and real-world intuition. Students explore multiple representations-including verbal descriptions, graphs and tables, and symbolic notation. Procedures are grounded in conceptual understanding, and students learn how and when to apply what they know.

For states that have not adopted Common Core, Edgenuity has designed state-specific math courses that align fully to state standards, curriculum maps, and recommended scope and sequences.