Credit & Concept Recovery

Helping students catch up, keep up, and graduate on time

Edgenuity’s credit-recovery courses allow students to stay on track for on-time graduation. Self-paced learning and pretesting with prescription allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they have already mastered. Since every course is able to be customized to match district specifications, educators can be confident that students have built a strong foundation for the next grade or course.

Supporting the needs of credit-recovery programs

Pretesting and prescription

Before each lesson, students take a quiz designed to assess mastery of the content. If students meet the district’s passing threshold, they can place out of content they already know. Any content students master on pretest will be revisited in cumulative tests and exams, providing an additional check for mastery.

Customizable courses

Educators can customize courses to focus only on the standards they choose. They can also customize the assignment types students complete in credit-recovery courses, to provide more or fewer writing assignments, projects, and other teacher-graded activities.

Robust reporting

Intuitive progress reports identify students who are falling behind or not mastering material, allowing educators to intervene quickly and get students back on track. The Educator Dashboard provides a quick overview of who needs help so that educators can easily manage large groups of students, even if they are all taking different online courses.