Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board

As an industry leader in digital learning, Edgenuity is committed to research on learning outcomes and consults with a team of educational experts as we develop—and enhance—our online curriculum and interactive tools for students and educators.

Dr. Janis Bulgren

Associate Research Professor, University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
Courtesy Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education

Dr. Bulgren’s work centers on ensuring that middle- and high-school students meet state standards and graduate from college prepared to compete in the global job market. She also focuses on academic strategies that make content accessible to all students, especially struggling readers.

Margaret Honey

President and CEO, New York Hall of Science

Dr. Honey is recognized for her work using digital technologies to support STEM learning and other 21st century coursework. She served as a vice president of the Education Development Center and director of EDC’s Center for Children and Technology. Dr. Honey also co-directed the Northeast and Islands Regional Education Laboratory, a $40 million school-improvement initiative.

Dr. Kemi Jona

Research Associate Professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science, Northwestern University

Dr. Jona leads research in curriculum design, learning technology, online science and virtual labs, as well as web-based patient education and outreach. He also directs Northwestern’s Office of STEM Education Partnerships.

Dr. Todd Rose

Research Scientist and Lecturer, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Dr. Rose studies the ways in which perception, attention, and working memory interact to shape learning. He has developed tools that support the recognition and strategic components of Universal Design for Learning. Dr. Rose’s insights translate cutting-edge research in cognitive science into practical strategies that work for students and educators.