Instructional Services

Implement online learning with Instructional Services.

Edgenuity Instructional Services offers standards-aligned courses taught by highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors. Whether you need to supplement your school’s course offerings or staff your virtual school, Edgenuity’s teachers provide proactive instruction, remediation, and motivation. They also reteach concepts, provide feedback on assignments, and communicate regularly with students, school mentors, and families. Combined with on-demand tutoring, students can always get the help they need, when they need it.

The Right Solution

Edgenuity Instructional Services offers a flexible implementation model, designed to meet the specific goals of each school or district we partner with.

Course Expansion

Enable students to take an advanced class, elective, or world language not offered at your school. Choose from over 200 courses and allow Edgenuity to provide the virtual teacher of record.

Student Athletes

Ensure your student athletes are college ready. Edgenuity’s core curriculum and instructional model have been reviewed by the NCAA® and found to meet their requirements for online courses and instruction.*


Provide quality curriculum and instruction to students who are learning at home due to medical or disciplinary reasons.

Teacher Shortage

Supplement your staff with our highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors who deliver proactive, personalized instruction and can serve as the teacher of record.

Summer School

Offer credit recovery, acceleration, and elective courses at school or from students’ homes. Plus, our on-demand tutoring can provide additional academic support online.

Virtual School

Retain students and per pupil funding by establishing your own virtual school with Edgenuity’s standards-aligned curriculum and virtual teachers.

The Edgenuity Difference

Instructional Services offers a cost-effective solution that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your school or district. Rolling enrollment ensures students have access to as few or as many courses as they need, whenever the courses are needed. And access to real-time data and reports empowers you to track student progress and performance.

Proactive Teacher Communication

Our virtual instructors use real-time data to frame timely, frequent communication with students, families, and school mentors. Teachers proactively reach out to students via e-mail, phone, and web conferencing to reteach difficult concepts, address misunderstandings, and ensure students are on track for success.

Additionally, our Concept Coaches provide on-demand tutoring in core subjects, while Success Coaches help to motivate full-time virtual students.

Common Core

Award-Winning Curriculum

Edgenuity offers a catalog of over 200 initial credit, credit recovery, general and career elective, world language, Advanced Placement®, dual credit, and test preparation courses.

NCAA approved

NCAA Approved

Edgenuity’s curriculum and instructional model have been reviewed by the NCAA and found to meet their requirements for online courses.*

*If schools or districts are using their own teachers, they need to submit documentation about their implementation to the NCAA—but they should not need to submit Edgenuity’s curriculum.
Advanced Placement® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, Edgenuity Instructional Services/