Summer School

Summer Matters

Whether your students are catching up or getting ahead, summer school has never been this engaging or effective. Blended learning options from Edgenuity enhance district summer programs, allowing for flexibility and innovation to engage both struggling students and those already motivated to move ahead.

Customizable Curriculum

At Edgenuity, we understand that curriculum needs may be different during summer sessions. That’s why we have created state-specific versions of our high-demand courses to cover exactly what’s required in each state. Furthermore, by enabling pretesting and by customizing assignments and assessment options, educators can maximize students’ time to recover only the parts of a course they need.

Teaching Services

Many districts struggle with staffing their summer programs. Edgenuity provides teaching-service options for your program. Our state-certified, highly qualified teachers support your instructional needs, allowing students to regain and/or accrue credits.

Our cost-effective summer-school programs allow districts to deliver innovative online or blended learning models while also saving money on transportation and facilities.

Students today are looking at summer school as an option beyond making up credits.  They are looking for more flexible scheduling options, advanced courses, and acceleration among others.

Five Ways to Innovate your Summer School

So how do you accommodate all these different options?

By introducing technology and creating flexible learning options…Here are five innovative ways to structure your summer school program:

  • Employ district teachers on campus, but instruct with Edgenuity online curriculum built specifically for summer school terms.
  • Make summer school completely virtual with teachers and students working from remote locations.  Use your teachers or use our teachers.
  • Create hybrid models with students accessing curriculum remotely, but gathering for group sessions, activities, and proctored exams one or two days per week.
  • Offer special parent-pay offerings for advancement including Advanced Placement, career electives or world languages.
  • Engage middle school students with a recovery/advancement program designed to get at-risk students back on track so they can enter high school with their peers, or challenge gifted students with more advanced courses.

Contact us today to learn more about Edgenuity’s flexible summer school learning options.