Research Foundations

Why It Clicks

Edgenuity is committed to developing innovative courses that are grounded in research and proven to work. We collaborate with leading advisors to capitalize on current and confirmed research in online learning, neuroscience, educational psychology, and instructional design, ensuring that “learning clicks” for every student.

We also partner with school districts and third-party research organizations to conduct evaluations that provide useful information to school leaders. With this information, districts can implement online learning programs that foster academic achievement and put students on the path to academic and professional success.

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Our Commitment to Research

Edgenuity courses are based on four well-established, evidence-based principles:

  • Our instruction is systematic and explicit, designed to help students acquire, practice, and apply skills and knowledge.
  • Our courses promote deep learning and metacognition.
  • Our courses provide specific strategies that help students learn more effectively by reducing cognitive load, including effective use of multimedia and graphic organizers.
  • Our courses embed the principles of Universal Design for Learning, incorporating multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement to meet all students’ individual needs.