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The EdTech Cool Tool Awards

MyPath is an online learning intervention program for middle and high school students that offers data-driven differentiated instruction in math and ELA. Designed to meet students at their learning level, the age-appropriate instruction in MyPath spans skills and concepts covered in grades 3 through 11, and is built to help students get back on track. The data and reporting features in MyPath empower educators to monitor student performance at a glance, and quickly step in to offer extra help where needed.

Pinpoint Gaps: Students take a reading or math placement exam to determine what they’ve mastered and where they’re struggling. Or, schools can import data from Renaissance Star 360, NWEA MAP Growth, or Scantron Performance Series assessments to create prescriptive learning paths with no additional testing.

Provide Personalized Instruction: Students are assigned an individualized learning path focusing on the concepts they’re equipped to learn. Age-appropriate instruction via our direct-instruction videos and practice provides intervention, remediation, and enrichment opportunities.

Monitor Progress: Educators receive detailed and dynamic reports on student progress in real time, so you can instantly identify the topics students are struggling with, and provide immediate support.

Edgenuity MyPath

The following documents provide a detailed explanation of how MyPath translates the best research in online learning, neuroscience, pedagogy, educational psychology, and instructional design to empower students with foundational knowledge needed for success.

Accessing the Content Preview Accounts

Edgenuity MyPath runs in a comprehensive online learning environment that uses state-of-the-art technology to engage students. The following links will provide access to the product and instructions for navigating the Learning Management System and Student Portal.

Click the link below to access the program from the student and educator perspectives. Use the login credentials provided in the entry form.

Click the link below for step by step instructions for navigating the product by subject as a student and an educator.


Additional Product Information

Please view the following video for some additional information about the features and uses of MyPath.

Double-Digit Improvement

Curriculum Research, Design, and Efficacy

Please visit the following links to learn more about Edgenuity’s research based curriculum, student supports, and proven success:


The following videos are samples of the results students, parents, and educators are getting with Edgenuity’s curriculum.
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