Tech EdVocate Best STEM/STEAM Education App or Tool – NGSS Science Suite

Tech EdVocate Best STEM/STEAM Education App or Tool – NGSS Science Suite

Edgenuity empowers teachers to motivate students and ensure success with our comprehensive science curriculum designed to meet the demands of the Next Generation Science Standards. Our Next Generation Science Suite is a comprehensive solution that supports teachers, schools, and districts in helping all students become competitive in the 21st century.

Edgenuity’s rigorous yet engaging Next Generation Science curriculum emphasizes the application of scientific thinking to real world issues and challenges, preparing students to think and reason scientifically. The Next Generation Science Suite for grades six through twelve includes: Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Physics.

Edgenuity Courseware Curriculum Spotlight:
Science Courses

The following document provides a detailed explanation of how Edgenuity Courseware translates the best research in online learning, neuroscience, pedagogy, educational psychology, and instructional design to empower students with the critical knowledge, higher-order thinking skills, and deeper learning competencies needed for success.

Accessing the Content Preview Accounts

Edgenuity Courseware runs in a comprehensive online learning environment that uses state-of-the-art technology to engage students. The following links will provide access to the product and instructions for navigating the Learning Management System and Student Portal.

Click the link below to access the from the student and educator perspectives. Use the login credentials provided in the entry form.

Click the link below for step by step instructions for navigating the product by subject as a student and an educator.

Additional Product Information

Please view the following video for some additional information about the features and uses of Edgenuity Courseware.

The Edgenuity Student Experience

The Educator Experience

Curriculum Research, Design, and Efficacy

Please visit the following links to learn more about Edgenuity’s research based curriculum, student supports, and proven success:


The following videos are samples of the results students, parents, and educators are getting with Edgenuity’s curriculum.

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