Teacher Powered Technology™

At Edgenuity®, our products and services are designed by educators, tested by students, and built to enhance teaching and drive academic achievement at all levels.

Teacher Powered Technology™

At Edgenuity®, we believe the greatest driving force behind successful learning is the teacher

Our products and services are designed by educators, tested by students, and built to enhance teaching and drive academic achievement at all levels. Our online curriculum and learning solutions empower educators to leverage innovative technology that integrates seamlessly with their teaching style. Every tool and feature within our products are built to support educators, improve student outcomes, and strengthen the connection between the student and teacher.

Whether it’s supporting on-site teachers with blended learning solutions or providing dedicated virtual instructors, our rigorous courses and curriculum combine the face-to-face experience of the classroom teacher with the flexibility of online learning for the most rewarding digital learning experience available today.

The end goal is ALWAYS about student success.

But it all starts with the teacher.

“It’s helped us to really know how we can leverage all of the skills that we have as teachers to help these students.”
“Because of the technology, because it was engaging for kids, it really did allow me more freedom to do the things that I wanted to do.”

Designed by Teachers. Tested by Students. Built for Achievement.

Discover the difference of Teacher Powered Technology.

Core Curriculum

Our flexible, online curriculum aligns to the national standards, NGSS, and state standards. It can be used to supplement classroom instruction, in a fully virtual implementation, and for initial credit for middle- and high-school students.

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery courses help high-school students recover credits to graduate on time. The self-paced learning and pretesting in our online curriculum allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they’ve already mastered.


To help students close learning gaps and master skills and concepts, Pathblazer® (for elementary school) and MyPath (for middle and high school) provide data-driven, personalized intervention so students can catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

Test Readiness

Edgenuity’s Virtual Tutor courses offer comprehensive preparation for state and national exams. These test readiness courses help students develop the skills they need to be successful on high-stakes, end-of-course, and exit exams.

Virtual Learning

Online curriculum and virtual learning empower schools and districts to expand course offerings, offer middle- and high-school students more flexible learning options, and even staff your own virtual program with our highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors.

Personalized Learning

We partner with schools and districts to deliver personalized learning. Combining flexible curriculum, robust student tools, and real-time data and reports makes it possible for educators to truly personalize learning for every student.

Summer School

Our online learning solutions support year-round learning for all K–12 students. With flexible implementations available, schools and districts can easily establish their own brick-and-mortar, blended, or fully virtual summer school program using our online curriculum.

Exceptional Learners

Our course customization tools, learning scaffolds, and resources help schools meet the needs of all students, including those who are homebound or have IEPs and 504 plans, and require special accommodations or modifications.