Online Alternative Education for Schools + Districts

Edgenuity® has a wide variety of online learning solutions that can help students reconnect with school, recover the credits they need to receive a high-school diploma, or prepare to take a high-school equivalency exam.

Online Alternative Education for Schools + Districts

Reengage Students with Online Alternative Education

Edgenuity online learning solutions help schools design alternative education programs that empower students to take ownership over their learning while motivating them to continue their education. Online alternative education programs help districts expand learning options to more students so they can create new possibilities for their future.

Whether your students need to complete their coursework during a disciplinary break from their home schools, earn their high-school diplomas in their adult years, or work on their education while in a secure environment, Edgenuity’s learning solutions are designed to help you offer them exactly what they need to be successful.

“At the end of the day, giving kids the opportunity to change their lives for the best is what we’re all about.”
Core Curriculum

Flexible Courses

Edgenuity course content is presented to students via engaging, direct-instruction videos, and is aligned to the national standards and state standards. Our core curriculum, career and general electives, and other courses are available for initial credit and credit recovery, so students don’t have to spend time on skills and concepts they already know.

Courses can be taught by your staff or Edgenuity’s highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors, and rolling enrollment enables students to enroll in courses at any point in the term, so they can take as many courses as they need, whenever they need.

Test Preparation

Comprehensive Test Preparation

Our test readiness courses are designed to help students be successful on high-stakes assessments, including end-of-course, exit, and high-school equivalency exams, like the GED®, HiSET®, and TASC®.

Students begin by taking a diagnostic pretest, which will create an individualized content review program, so they get instruction and practice on skills they have yet to master.

Establish your own online alternative education program

Expand Learning Opportunities to Cover All Types of Learners

Alternative Learning Solutions for Nontraditional Students

For some students, the traditional school setting isn’t feasible due to disciplinary, work, medical reasons, or other challenges. A flexible blended or fully virtual program is often the best solution to help them be successful.

Establish a flexible program that gives struggling students a second chance to reengage with school and earn their high-school diplomas in an environment suited to their learning styles and needs. Edgenuity courses help students:

  • Earn initial credit
  • Recover credits
  • Finish their education at their own pace

Online Curriculum and Test Readiness for Adult Learners

Everyone deserves a high-quality education, regardless of life’s challenges. Edgenuity partners with schools and districts across the nation to offer academic programs that help adult learners reengage with their education. Our suite of standards-aligned online learning solutions for adult learners includes:

  • Core curriculum, world languages, general and career electives, and credit recovery courses that can be customized for adult learners to help them earn credits for a standard high-school diploma through your school or district
  • Our Virtual Tutor test readiness courses help adult learners prepare for high-stakes assessments, college entry exams, and high-school equivalency tests, including the GED®, HiSET®, and TASC®
  • MyPath, which offers age-appropriate, personalized intervention to help adult learners grasp concepts and learn skills they previously struggled with or missed

By offering engaging content, independent learning, and immediate feedback for students, you empower the adult learners in your community to attain the skills they need to reach their education and career goals.

Online Learning Solutions for Adjudicated and At-Risk Students

Edgenuity’s online curriculum can be implemented in a variety of ways, enabling students in any environment or setting to get a high-quality education. Our safeguarded technology can be used in contained environments as well as traditional schools to help at-risk students succeed, which allows for:

  • Secure access to Edgenuity’s instructional platform
  • Collaborative planning between districts, alternative facilities, and Edgenuity
  • Transferring of student progress to home schools

Learn more about how Edgenuity supports adjudicated and at-risk students

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