Blended + Online Learning Success Stories

Blended + Online Learning Success Stories

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What online and blended learning looks like in real schools around the country

Administrators, educators, and students at our partner schools and districts share how they use online and blended learning to achieve success.

We learned about blended learning and understood this was a way to leverage the technology and free up our classroom teachers for more face-to-face time with students.
— Corey Groff, Curriculum Supervisor

East Pennsboro Middle School,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Using blended learning to create a personalized learning environment.

The more we can offer, the more opportunity they have. I knew that there was one way we could do that, and it was through online learning.
— Kevin Engle, DCLA High School Principal

Deer Creek-Lamont High School,
Deer Creek, Oklahoma

Using virtual learning to offset teacher shortages and offer students more course options.

The students are able to learn the content on their own, and then in the classrooms, we can actually really enrich and we can take it to a higher level.
— Leslie, Director of Online Learning

The Classical Academies Charter Schools,
Oceanside, California

Giving students flexible ways to achieve their academic goals.

We see a lot of students really blossom in the content recovery lab, especially the shy students. We’ve been able to identify gifted students we had no idea were gifted before.
— Dr. Barbara Wright, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Casa Grande School District,
Casa Grande, Arizona

Bridging learning gaps for students at all levels with blended learning.

You’ll see that the kids are excited to learn. And kids that you didn’t think could do it in a traditional classroom, really do shine and really do excel.
— Erica Genis, Math Coordinator

Amphitheater School District,
Tucson, Arizona

Scalable online solutions that meet the needs of a diverse student population.

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