Edgenuity Customer Profiles

Casa Grande Elementary District

in Casa Grande, Arizona

See how they use an online content recovery solution to help middle schoolers stay on track and prepare for high school.

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Casa Grande is a K-8 school district in Arizona with 7,000 students, nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and an early childhood learning center.

Casa Grande’s student population has a very high mobility and poverty rate, with around 78% of their students receiving free and reduced lunch.

Many of their students also have to overcome learning gaps and academic disadvantages. Sometimes only having one-third of the expected vocabulary for their grade level.

As students progressed to grades where the learning became more in-depth, their high mobility rate started to put them further and further behind grade-level.

Casa Grande needed a way to fill the gaps in their middle schooler’s instruction, but didn’t have the resources they needed for re-teaching.

Initially, we tried using summer school to help students catch up and quickly discovered students usually didn’t need to retake entire courses; they just needed to relearn little niches of those courses. We turned to using an online solution because it helped us quickly identify and meet each student’s specific needs.

— Dr. Barbara Wright, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Casa Grande started providing Edgenuity’s online content recovery in a computer lab for students to work through during their elective hour. Struggling students started to gain confidence and take control of their learning.

We see a lot of students really blossom in the content recovery lab, especially the shy students. We’ve been able to identify gifted students we had no idea were gifted before.

— Dr. Barbara Wright, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

In addition to their content recovery program, Casa Grande started to use online courses to meet the needs of student athletes, students who need advanced coursework, students who are chronically ill, and to offset teacher shortages.

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