Blended Learning Resources

Utilize Edgenuity’s blended learning resources to understand how blended learning works, how to implement it successfully and effectively to drive student success, and how the teacher fits into the blended learning classroom.

Blended Learning Resources

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What is Blended Learning?

Educators are working harder than ever to tackle some of the challenges students are facing—higher standards, a fast-paced world, and constant advancements in technology. Every day teachers nationwide are embracing blended learning, combining face-to-face instruction, innovative technology, and real-time data to increase personalization, engagement, and mastery of essential skills.

Blended learning combines online content and instruction with traditional classroom teaching and experiences for the best of both worlds. As with any shift in instruction, your leadership team should plan to determine how to best meet the needs of your students and empower teachers to thrive as their role in the classroom evolves.

We offer flexible online courses and research-based curriculum for K–12 students with our Teacher Powered Technology™.

Utilize Edgenuity’s online courses, intervention solution, and supplemental instruction for blended or completely online learning implementations to give students and teachers access to resources that drive success and meet individual learning needs.

Online Courses, 6–12

Edgenuity Courseware™ offers a full catalog of more than 400 standards-aligned, customizable courses available for initial credit or concept and credit recovery.

Edgenuity Pathblazer and Edgenuity MyPath

Intervention Solutions, K–12

Pathblazer® and MyPathuse assessment data to provide students with a personalized, age-appropriate learning path to catch up, keep up, or move ahead in reading and math.

Check out blended learning in action across the country.

What does blended learning look like for a student?

Students will spend some of their time learning in a brick-and-mortar classroom and some of their time online. In a student-centered blended learning environment, students can control:

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Online learning based on your student’s schedule, with 24/7 classroom access.

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Classrooms are accessible from any location where internet is available.

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Educators can personalize course content to meet each student’s unique needs.

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Students can learn at their own pace to meet their own academic goals..

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Interested in implementing blended learning at your school?

Our blended learning resources will help you develop an implementation plan to meet your school or district’s learning goals and promote student success.

These blended learning resources will help you create an implementation plan that meets your school’s or district’s goals and boosts student success:

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Building Capacity for Blended Learning

See the five critical components identified by research experts that contribute to the successful implementation of blended learning programs in schools across the nation.

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Role of the Teacher in a Blended Classroom

These 10 steps for educators help empower teachers to pair education technology with strong student relationships to create a meaningful classroom and learning experience.

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Blended Learning Planning Workbook

Create an online or blended learning implementation plan t to meet your school or district’s academic goals, maximize your investment, and improve student learning..

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How to Get Started with Blended Learning

Don’t know where to begin? Start by setting program goals, identifying needs, additional professional development, learning facilities, technology needs, and desired curriculum.

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How to Run a Successful Blended Learning Program

Ready to run a successful blended learning program? We propose these 5 questions to help you think about your implementation and evaluate its effectiveness.

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Blended Learning Teacher Training Tools

Improve classroom instruction with blended learning teacher training. Learn some easy ways you can start a blended learning revolution in your classroom.

Five Keys to a Successful Blended Learning Program

Blended learning offers students an innovative educational experience, with online content that empowers students to learn at their own pace, and lessons that help them develop the skills they need to be college and career ready.

Ready to start designing your blended learning program?

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