For Parents

More Options for Your Child

Sometimes the traditional classroom is not the best environment for your child to learn. Through Citrus County Virtual School (CCVS), your child has a home based option that provides an award-winning curriculum combined with flexibility in pace and schedule. CCVS offers a complete learning experience, with online curriculum provided by Edgenuity.

  • Award winning, standards-aligned curriculum accessible to all learners
  • Customizable solutions that grow with your child
  • State-certified, expert teachers
  • Qualified Success Coaches and Concept Coaches

Home Education Options

Many children need an individual learning program and a flexible learning environment to succeed. Citrus County Virtual School (CCVS) offers parents and children a home education solution tailored to their needs.

  • A virtual school supported through award winning online curriculum and expert teachers
  • Standards-aligned curriculum accessible to all learners, with full-time and part-time options
  • A complete learning experience focused on each student’s individual needs
  • Real-time progress reports to help monitor and target instruction
  • Qualified Success Coaches and Concept Coaches to assist students

CCVS offers a comprehensive program with the resources, courses, support and tools that keep students engaged and help them achieve.

For Students

Flexible Pacing and Schedule – Wherever You Want

With Citrus County Virtual School (CCVS), you learn at a flexible pace and schedule– whether at home, traveling or in the classroom. CCVS offers you a complete learning experience, with online curriculum provided by Edgenuity. Direct-instruction videos feature expert, on-screen teachers who use a variety of graphics, animations, and props to bring lessons to life, explain concepts and model strategies. The certificated teacher of each course will monitor and support the student throughout the learning experience.

Throughout each course, you will read, write, explore, create, practice, predict, and much more. You can master key concepts and develop analytical and critical-thinking skills. You can pause or rewind videos to take notes or review concepts. You can engage with lessons and get immediate, actionable feedback. You may also email and/or message your teacher for specific feedback, attend live online sessions or visit the Live Campus for more personal support.


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About Edgenuity’s Courses

Through Edgenuity’s online curriculum, CCVS is able to provide over one hundred standards-aligned courses – from Algebra to English Language Arts to Biology. With an instructional model grounded in research, Edgenuity courses combine rigorous content with direct-instruction videos and interactive learning tools designed to engage and motivate students.

Edgenuity also embeds, supports, and scaffolds into every lesson to ensure that all students can succeed. A certificated teacher is the instructional facilitator for each course and is available to the student via the learning management system and as needed at the CCVS Live Campus.

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