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Online Education Conferences + Events

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Connect with Us at EdTech Conferences and Events

Throughout the year, Edgenuity participates in and hosts a number of edtech conferences and events across the country. Meet up with us at an event near you to join the conversation about student success and K–12 online and blended learning. At edtech conferences and Edgenuity events, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about overcoming obstacles and promoting positive outcomes with online and blended learning
  • Network with local education leaders, share success stories, and discuss implementation strategies
  • Explore research-based curriculum and flexible instructional models that make learning more effective

See Where We’ll Be Next

We hope to see you at these edtech conferences and events across the nation!

Event Information:

  • 2021 CODiE Awards: Edgenuity + Purpose Prep Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum

    As part of our commitment to educating the whole learner, Edgenuity has expanded our social and emotional learning (SEL) offerings through our Purpose Prep product line. We now offer 9 courses for students in grades 6–12, 2 courses for students in grades K–5, and a separate curriculum built especially for educators to help them manage their own social and emotional health and develop the language and skills needed to successfully integrate SEL into their district, school, and classroom.

    Our premier library of SEL curricula is designed to set students of all ages on the path to success, purpose, and happiness. It empowers educators to build a culture of SEL, a need that has been growing especially in recent months.

    These curricula were created with the aid of therapists, counselors, and subject-matter experts, and align to CASEL competencies, MTSS and PBIS best practices, and other national standards. Each multimedia-rich lesson includes videos featuring over 80 diverse experts with varied experience who bring learning to life with conversations about timely, relevant topics. Discussions and assignments encourage meaningful interaction with adults and peers, which can help reduce behavioral incidents, including disciplinary referrals and suspensions.

    However students and educators utilize these curricula, they can increase academic success, improve attitudes toward school, develop pro-social behavior, and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression for both students and educators.

    Flexible Social and Emotional Learning for Today’s Whole Learner

    Our robust library of SEL lessons offers educators rich content that can be implemented for individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction, as well as both in-person and virtual learning. Educators can use the full courses or the lessons within them for prevention, intervention, and restorative justice.

    Students are introduced to different ways to cope with social and emotional challenges, and learn responsible decision-making and relationship skills from the engaging lessons. As students work through lessons, they’ll also develop critical life and workforce skills, and build compassion and empathy for others.

    K–5 Curriculum

    New in 2020, our elementary-level SEL curriculum offers age-appropriate lessons across two courses that provide a powerful foundation for students. As they move through the engaging lessons, students focus on recognizing, understanding, and regulating basic emotions and feelings, and learn about respectful and inclusive behavior along with positive communication skills. The content in these lessons is aligned to Common Core ELA standards and includes short conversational videos, classroom routines and lesson plans, downloadable worksheets, and storytime sheets.

    Secondary Curriculum

    Our SEL curriculum for grades 6–12 is organized into 9 courses and nearly 200 lessons, and features assessments, learning targets, essential questions, and success criteria within each course. In 2020, we released three new courses that are designed to help students and educators address emerging needs: Climate & Culture Transformation, Restorative Practices & Principles, and Trauma-Informed Living. Questions and call-to-action assignments in each lesson encourage interaction with adults and peers and are aligned to demonstration of skills for ELA standards.

    Educator Curriculum

    Also new in 2020, our SEL curriculum for educators features content delivered in an engaging multimedia environment. Learning is self-paced, but guided with a focus on enhancing life skills and purpose. Lessons offer opportunities for practice with modeling and mentoring students through their own SEL journeys. Educators have access to 12 courses with 18 lessons in each course, which include dynamic coaching videos, call-to-purpose tasks for applied learning, and more, all designed to help them build a foundation in SEL to gain confidence in engaging students in SEL conversations.

    Curriculum, Alignment, and Course Documents

    These curricula are aligned to CASEL competencies, MTSS and PBIS best practices, and other national standards, including Common Core. The following documents provide more detail about these alignments, as well as the scope and sequence of the courses.

    Content Preview

    The elementary SEL curriculum runs in the Purpose Prep learning management system, Pathwright. Login instructions for the content preview will be emailed to the judges, and the quick start guide is below:

    Purpose Prep Elementary Quick Start Guide

    The secondary curriculum runs in the Edgenuity learning management system, which includes access to user-friendly customization tools as well as at-a-glance data and reporting.

    Log in to your demo account at:

    Student view:

    Educator view:

    Login credentials are on the entry form and are active now through 5/31/2021. The login information works for both the student and educator experiences.

    Click the link below for step-by-step instructions for navigating the product by subject as a student and an educator.

    Edgenuity Quick Preview Guide

    A demo course from the educator curriculum, available in the new Edgenuity on-demand professional learning platform, has been made available at the following link:

    Testimonials from Students and Educators

    The following videos show the impact students and educators are seeing from these SEL curricula, both inside and outside of school:

How to Get the Most Out of Attending Edtech Conferences and Events

Whether you’re attending your first or 40th conference, it can be hard to decide how to best to use your time at edtech conferences and events, especially when dealing with delayed flights, traffic, and a great host city. That’s why it’s important to do a little legwork before arriving at the conference venue.

To begin, think about what you’re hoping to gain from the conference. Why are you going? If it’s a conference you’ve attended before, why are you returning? If you had to get permission to attend the conference, think back to why you explained to your boss that it’d be valuable for you to attend.

With this information fresh in mind, you can start thinking about your goals for the conference, which is the first step in determining how to spend your time there. Doing that in combination with following our five tips for attending edtech conferences will help you have the best conference experience you can!

Explore Our Products and Solutions

Learning happens in layers and levels. That’s why Edgenuity offers a full suite of K–12 online learning solutions for schools and districts, which are backed by intuitive technology that gives educators the resources they need to plan lessons, execute goals, measure success, and intervene when necessary. With courses available for core curriculum, and solutions for intervention, test readiness, and summer school, Edgenuity’s learning solutions can help you support your students no matter what needs they have.

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Our flexible, online curriculum aligns to the Common Core, NGSS, and state standards. It can be used to supplement classroom instruction, in a fully virtual implementation, and for initial credit for middle- and high-school students.

Concept and Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery courses help high-school students recover credits to graduate on time. The self-paced learning and pretesting in our online curriculum allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they’ve already mastered.



To help students close learning gaps and master skills and concepts, Pathblazer® (for elementary school) and MyPath (for middle and high school) provide data-driven, personalized intervention so students can catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

Test Preparation

Test Readiness

Our test readiness solutions and courses help prepare students for middle- and high-school assessments. With targeted instruction and practice, UpSmart® and Virtual Tutors help students develop the skills they need to be successful on high-stakes exams.

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Online curriculum and virtual learning empower schools and districts to expand course offerings, offer middle- and high-school students more flexible learning options, and even staff your own virtual program with our highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

We partner with schools and districts to deliver personalized learning. Pairing online curriculum and real-time data with teacher-led instruction makes it possible to truly personalize learning for every student.

Summer School

Summer School

Our online learning solutions support year-round learning for all K–12 students. With flexible implementations available, schools and districts can easily establish their own brick-and-mortar, blended, or fully virtual summer school program using our online curriculum.

ESL + Special Education

Exceptional Learners

Our course customization tools, learning scaffolds, and resources help schools meet the needs of all students, including those who are homebound or have IEPs and 504 plans, and require special accommodations or modifications.

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