Edgenuity Announces National Expansion of Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

New courses on climate transformation, restorative practices, and trauma-informed living now available to all students in grades 6–12

Edgenuity Announces National Expansion of Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

PRWEB | Scottsdale, Arizona | November 10, 2020

Edgenuity, a leading provider of online curriculum and instructional services for the K–12 market, today announced an expansion of its national social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum through its Purpose Prep product line. These courses transform learning for students, teachers and leadership by preparing students for learning, careers, relationships and life.

The full, expanded library of SEL courses will be available nationally on Nov. 19. All Edgenuity customers using the SEL curriculum with students in grades 6–12 will have access to the expanded library of Purpose Prep courses through the Edgenuity LMS. This includes three new courses:

  • Climate & Culture Transformation
  • Restorative Practices & Principles
  • Trauma-Informed Living

In addition to the six original courses:

  • Personal Development
  • Character & Leadership Development
  • Unlock Your Purpose
  • Social & Emotional Success
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • College & Career Readiness

All courses provided by Edgenuity and Purpose Prep align to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) best practices. Educators can use full courses or individual modules for a fully customizable approach to SEL.

“Edgenuity is proud to further its commitment to empower the whole learner by supporting both academic and social and emotional learning success,” said Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity. “Purpose Prep’s curriculum uniquely encourages thoughtful implementations, drives educator engagement and fosters increasingly important discussions about reducing stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation at an unprecedented time for our country’s students.”

“We’re excited about these new courses as they reflect our continued promise to improve and expand our offerings in response to customer feedback, especially during this time of increased stressors and need,” said Daniel Budzinski, Founder and CEO of Purpose Prep.

SEL has been proven to increase student academic success, healthy behaviors and self-confidence while reducing behavior referrals, disruptions and suspensions. A study conducted by CASEL and associated researchers found that the academic performance of students exposed to social and emotional learning programs was, on average, 13 percentile points higher than their peers who were not. Additionally, behavior problems, emotional distress, and drug use were all significantly lower for students that participated in the programs.

For more information, please visit: https://www.edgenuity.com/solutions/social-and-emotional-learning/

About Edgenuity

Edgenuity, a leading provider of online curriculum and instructional services for the K–12 market, is in use by more than 20,000 schools nationwide, including 20 of the 25 largest school districts, to meet academic goals and improve student outcomes. Edgenuity’s full suite of solutions is aimed at helping students, educators, and districts achieve success in their online and blended learning programs. For students, Edgenuity offers learning solutions including initial credit courses, honors and Advanced Placement courses, credit recovery, intervention, and test readiness. Edgenuity additionally supports educators through high-quality digital-first core curriculum provided by LearnZillion, as well as professional development solutions to help educators plan and deliver powerful, lasting learning experiences.

About Purpose Prep

Purpose Prep resources and empowers school districts to lead, teach, and learn on purpose. We’re transforming the student learning experience through innovative, interactive, and engaging curriculum and instruction for students in niche content categories. The content advances the student’s purpose and success during and after school. Purpose Prep solutions are highly convertible to meet the needs of K–12 districts, schools, and educational leaders. Niche content examples: social and emotional, personal, character, leadership and workforce development, and college and career readiness. For more information, visit PurposePrep.com.

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