Edgenuity® Customer Reviews + Stories: Real Schools. Real Results.

Take a deeper look at how educators around the country are using Edgenuity’s online learning solutions to improve student learning. We share Edgenuity customer reviews and stories to show how K–12 students in different environments benefit from online learning.

Edgenuity® Customer Reviews + Stories: Real Schools. Real Results.

Edgenuity Customer Reviews

For over 20 years, schools and districts throughout the country have used Edgenuity to increase learning opportunities, offer students more flexibility, and empower educators with more resources, data, and support.

Many of our customers have shared stories about how partnering with Edgenuity helps their students, schools, and districts. Read some of the Edgenuity customer reviews here:

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Creative Implementations to Reach All Students

Offering solutions that allow for hybrid, online, and virtual learning is paramount for schools and districts to meet the needs of all students. Here we highlight schools and districts that have embraced the challenge and utilized Edgenuity’s portfolio of learning solutions to give students and educators more flexibility over the learning process.

Virtual Teachers Create Outstanding Relationships

Berks Online Learning program in Pennsylvania has helped students of all ages reach their academic goals by partnering with districts to offer virtual online classes.

Customizable Courseware Provides Flexibility for Students

This blended-learning program gives students autonomy and provides the school with the flexibility to offer a variety of initial credit and credit recovery courses.

Career Pathways and Blended Learning Drive Student Success

Focusing on a combination of hands-on experiences and rigorous curriculum, Indiana Agriculture & Technology School has created an engaging educational experience that leads to student success and increased school enrollment.

Transition from In-Person to Online Learning with Edgenuity

Arizona’s Tolleson Union High School District transitioned their nearly 12,000 students from in-person instruction to online learning. Their strong partnership with Edgenuity and stellar leadership led to success across the district

Flexible Curriculum Options to Continue Learning After the Pandemic

By creating “blended courses,” educators in Nevada’s Washoe County School District have the tools to provide a curriculum to educate their population of over 60,000 students online, in-person, or in a hybrid environment.

Students Safely Transition to Hybrid Learning

Flexible scheduling and Edgenuity’s engaging curriculum empowered Afton School District in Missouri to educate their students with fidelity regardless of the delivery model: virtual, hybrid, or in-person.

Blended Learning in Action

Hear directly from educators, parents, and students who have experienced success with Edgenuity.

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Edgenuity Parent Reviews

Many parents have seen their students succeed while using Edgenuity. The video-based lessons and flexibility of the online modality help students guide their learning at their own pace.

Customer Success Stories

Discover what schools and districts like yours have done to see real results from online learning

Read More School/District Key Takeaway Region School Level Implementation Type Edgenuity Solution
Acceleration Academies Several alternative high schools saw increased graduation rates by utilizing Edgenuity’s customized reports to identify student success and targets for intervention. Nationwide High Initial Credit, Credit Recovery Courseware, MyPath
Burlington Area School District Edgenuity helped this district differentiate instruction at tier one and personalized learning using NEWA® scores before it was a buzzword. Midwest K–12 Blended Learning Pathblazer®
Caddo Virtual Academy Leveraging Edgenuity helped this virtual school provide initial credit and credit recovery with personalized learning for their students. East High Virtual School, Initial Credit Courseware
Dickinson Independent School District By partnering with a phenomenal IT department, Dickinson ISD can institute technology throughout their alternative school and summer school programs. Central High Alternative Program, Summer School Courseware
Hoover High School An alternative education program supports students’ SEL needs while helping them reach graduation. Southeast High Initial Credit Courseware
Legacy High School This high school saw graduation rates increase as high as 84% in one year after implementing credit recovery options with Courseware. West High Credit Recovery, Virtual Instruction Courseware
Mechatronics Akademie This hands-on CTE program partners with local industries to give students a jump-start on careers in mechatronics. Southeast High Blended Learning Courseware
Milwaukee Public Schools What started as a credit recovery solution quickly expanded to acceleration and alternative education programs in this large school district. Central K-12 Credit Recovery, Initial Credit, Blended Learning Courseware, MyPath
Montgomery Virtual Program A virtual learning program partners with local schools and districts to provide students more options in summer school and throughout the school year. East K-12 Credit recovery, Credit Advancement, Summer School Courseware
Morgan County School District By incorporating NWEA MAP® Growth scores into individualized learning paths, elementary students saw increased Growth. Central K–6 Blended Learning Hybridge
Mountain House High School Developing an alternative education program within a public high school allows students to learn work skills and recover credits. West High Credit Recovery Courseware
Pioneer Work and Learn Center By partnering with Edgenuity, an adjudicated youth facility allows students to earn credits while reducing classroom behavioral problems. Central High Initial Credit, Credit Recovery MyPath
Putnam County Schools Bring edtech out of the credit recovery lab and put it into the hands of all students and teachers as an essential tool for personalized learning. Southeast K-12 Blended Learning Courseware
Rite of Passage At-risk youth gain an average of two grade levels after just one year in this alternative school. Nationwide K-12 Credit Recovery, Blended Learning Instructional Services
Roxana High School To help students recover credits, this high school began using online courses in their summer school and, in turn, ended up increasing graduation rates. Central High Credit Recovery, Summer School Courseware
Sacramento Academic & Vocational Academy (SAVA) A robust career and technical education program is re-engaging students and increasing graduation rates and student outcomes. West Middle, High Blended Learning Courseware
Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District This district provides elementary and middle school students a range of learning options that respond to their NWEA® MAP® Growth scores. Southwest K–8 Intervention Pathblazer®, MyPath
Seneca Valley Academy of Choice From acceleration to credit recovery to intervention, one school district provided more options to students using Edgenuity. East K–12 Blended Learning, Virtual Learning Courseware, MyPath
Twin Rivers USD An independent study school shares tips to help get educators on-board with edtech. West High Initial Credit, Credit Recovery Courseware, MyPath
Upper Merion Vantage Academy Students who were unsuccessful at traditional high schools come to Upper Merion for a flexible and personalized path to graduation. Northeast High Credit Recovery, Initial Credit Courseware

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