Edgenuity is Named First Ever Recipient of WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Partner Certification

Edgenuity is Named First Ever Recipient of WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Partner Certification

New Certification Created by Dr. Norman Webb Underscores Rigor in Edgenuity’s Curriculum and Assessments

Scottsdale, AZ – March 16, 2015 – Edgenuity, a leading provider of online and blended learning solutions, today announced it is the first recipient ever awarded the WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Partner certification from the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services. This certification was established by Dr. Norman Webb, creator of the concept of Depth of Knowledge, who is credited with rethinking how the assessment of student knowledge is measured. The recognition is a testament to Edgenuity’s commitment to rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum with high-level student learning as the goal.

“To help students learn, we need high quality learning materials and assessments, which are aligned to demanding curriculum standards. The DOK framework is an important tool for improving alignment,” said Dr. Norman Webb, founder of WebbAlign DOK. “This framework provides a tool for helping teachers assess achievement by asking students to demonstrate and apply their full depth of learning. We commend Edgenuity for becoming the first educational provider to step up and commit to the ongoing professional development and outside evaluation required by our partner certification program.”

“In the education industry today, the word ‘rigor’ is used freely without a clear definition,” said Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity. “The WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge offers a clear, common language for understanding ‘rigor’ and challenges educators to seek more than basic recall when assessing student understanding. Edgenuity is proud to lead the way in promoting these standards in blended learning classrooms.”

DOK provides a vocabulary and frame of reference to analyze the degree that assessments, instruction and standards are aligned with each other. The DOK system has four levels:

  • Level 1: Recall – Focus on specific facts, definitions, details, or using routine procedure
  • Level 2: Skill/Concept – Focus on applying skills and concepts (in a familiar/typical situation), relationships (compare, cause-effect) and main ideas
  • Level 3: Strategic Reasoning – Focus on reasoning and planning in order to respond (e.g. solve a non-routine problem never seen before)
  • Level 4: Extended Reasoning – Requires complex reasoning, planning and thinking (generally over extended periods of time) for the investigation

The WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge partner certification is awarded to those committed to ongoing training on the use of DOK and implementation of the DOK framework in curriculum and assessment materials. Edgenuity’s recognition spans its English language arts and mathematics curriculum. It began with an onsite training delivered by Dr. Webb, who trained Edgenuity’s curriculum and assessment developers in evaluating the content complexity of assessment items across its courses. Edgenuity worked with the WebbAlign team to evaluate sample assessment items from high school mathematics and English language arts courses, using the team’s feedback and analysis to improve the quality of assessments throughout its curricula.

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