An Inside Look at The Educator Experience with Edgenuity

An Inside Look at The Educator Experience with Edgenuity

The Edgenuity Educator Experience

More ways to manage your program than ever before

Edgenuity’s learning management system (LMS) gives educators the tools they need to ensure their students are successful. The user-friendly system makes it easy to manage your program and specific courses, monitor individual student and group progress, and customize courses to meet specific student, class, school, and district needs. The features and capabilities of the Edgenuity LMS help free up time for educators to do what they do best—help students.

Find out more about the features and tools built in to the Edgenuity LMS that help you, your students, and your school be successful.

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Differentiated Instruction

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Actionable Data and Reports

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Program Management

Empowering Teachers and Administrators

Edgenuity’s LMS offers educators greater insight into student performance so they can measure and monitor student engagement, progress, and achievement all in real time.

Differentiated Instruction

Personalize learning for all students

Your classroom is your classroom. Easily customize Edgenuity courses to meet the diverse needs of your students, allowing for truly personalized learning.

Course Customization

The course customization tools help educators easily reorder, remove, and add content to align courses to your school’s or district’s scope and sequence. Add your own activities or create modules for unit recovery, remediation, or competency-based learning to personalize Edgenuity courses for your students.

Screenshot of the Edit Course Options screen in the Edgenuity LMS

Individualized Course Options

The Edgenuity learning management system enables teachers to customize assessment settings for test time completion, passing threshold, and grade weights, as well as course settings for read aloud, translation, and other supports. These settings help accommodate students with a variety of needs, including English language learners and those with disabilities.

Being able to modify courses enabled us to match our hybrid and fully virtual programs to our traditional programs and give all of our courses similar structures and timelines. The ability to unify and customize our programs was incredibly helpful.

Actionable Data

Monitor student engagement, progress, and achievement

Real-time data and easy-to-understand reports enable educators to help students as needed, and teachers are alerted when they must take action for students to move forward.

Screenshot of the educator gradebook page in the Edgenuity LMS



Edgenuity’s gradebook enables teachers to view student performance on a unit, lesson, or activity level across an entire course. Educators will receive alerts for activities that need to be graded and assessments that are out of retakes or pending review. The gradebook makes it easy to see which activities are below the passing threshold or have been bypassed via customization or pretesting.


Robust reporting tools for teachers and administrators

Monitor the performance and progress of individual students or multiple students at once, including course grades, percentage of work completed, assignments completed, and other essential information. The Lesson Mastery report gives educators a customizable view of data on student and class progress and achievement across an entire course. Educators can view average and individual student assessment scores by topic or standard in order to group students for reteaching. And administrators have access to a number of reports that compile data across the entire district, including enrollments by grade and course, completed courses, and courses behind target.

We use Edgenuity’s reports to make our face-to-face class time so much more in depth. We’re able to analyze the student data and individualize projects, grading systems, remediation, and enrichment programs.

Learn how the data our solutions collect impacts the Edgenuity educator experience

Program Management

Easily manage enrollments, courses, sections, and accounts

The educator dashboard offers a central location for program management. Here, educators can manage their students, classes, grade levels, and staff.

Manage Enrollments

It’s easy to archive enrollments, mark them completed, and change start and target dates either individually or in batches. Educators can also filter enrollments to search by more than a dozen different categories, including school, subject, grade level, progress, overall grade, and many more.

Screenshot of the Manage Courses page in the Edgenuity LMS

Manage Courses

  • Manage courses across a district and filter them by school, subject, grade level, type, and number of enrollments.
  • Search for courses by name, prefix, or course ID.
  • Archive old courses or those with no enrollments, individually or in batches.
  • Copy multiple courses to multiple schools.

Screenshot of the View Teachers panel in the Manage Courses page of the Edgenuity LMS

Manage Sections

  • Associate teachers with courses and restrict teachers to see only their students.
  • Associate one or more teachers with a course section to support co- or team teaching.
  • See at a glance who is teaching each section.

Screenshot of the Manage Students page in the Edgenuity LMS

Manage Accounts

  • Manage student and educator accounts in bulk across multiple schools.
  • Filter accounts by school, group, grade level, last login date, account options, ELL status, and parent/guardian information.
  • Search for students and educators by name, parent name, or student/educator ID.

Ready to get started with the Edgenuity educator experience?

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