Elementary School Online Curriculum + Learning Solutions

Support your youngest students with engaging, age-appropriate learning solutions that foster meaningful learning and application. Edgenuity® provides standards-aligned intervention and engaging online curriculum to give your students everything they need to build an early foundation for learning.

Elementary School Online Curriculum + Learning Solutions

Build the Foundation for Lasting Success

Edgenuity’s online learning for elementary students gives educators the tools and resources they need to close learning gaps, plan lessons, execute goals, measure success, and intervene to help students grow by optimizing grade-level learning using advanced and equitable solutions.  

Our online curriculum and innovative tools empower teachers to leverage technology to help students build the confidence and skills needed to achieve lasting academic success.

Begin providing online learning for elementary students

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Enrichment + Intervention for Grades K–5

Optimized learning on an innovative new learning environment

MyPath K–5 is an engaging, student-focused supplemental program for reading and math that’s ideal for both enrichment and intervention.

This intuitive learning environment builds upon the award-winning Pathblazer content using Smart Sequencer™ technology to accurately assess student skill-level using proficiency data to create an Individualized Learning Path (ILP) tailored to each student’s needs.

A built-in adaptive assessment measures each student’s skill level and matches it to the appropriate instructional grade level. Teachers can determine the learning path or integrate NWEA® MAP Growth™ or Renaissance Star data to deliver high-impact, prioritized lessons that continually adapt instruction to students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Explore MyPath K–5 video content

An Adaptive Cycle that Adjusts to Students’ Needs

MyPath’s student-centered environment empowers teachers to leverage a cycle of assessment, assignment, adaptivity, analysis, and action to provide more effective personalized learning paths for every student.


Built-in adaptive assessments that provide a reliable, valid measure of each student’s ability and instructional grade level.


Using student data, Smart Sequencer technology generates an appropriate ILP tailored to each student.


Based on students’ skill levels and their actual grade, MyPath K-5 adapts according to how quickly the student progresses.


Student data within the ILP gives teachers real-time feedback about student engagement, progress, and achievement.


MyPath K-5 alerts the teacher when students are struggling with a lesson and provides downloadable resources to support students in small groups or as a class.

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An Enhanced Learning Experience that Maximizes Motivation

MyPath K–5’s engaging, interactive learning environment builds confidence by rewarding students for their progress and motivating them to persist even with challenging content.

New Gamification features allow students earn stars to “level up” by completing activities and lessons. These stars accumulate and unlock levels that contain avatars or path backgrounds. With increased engagement and positive feedback increasing their motivation and stamina for learning.

See MyPath K-5 in action

Watch the introduction to our reading instructional video on comparing two stories.

Watch the introduction for our math lesson on dividing 3-digit and 4-digit dividends by a 2-digit number.

Learn How MyPath K–5 Aligns With Research on Effective Reading and Mathematics Instruction

A Redesigned Educator Experience Helps Drive Outcomes

MyPath K–5’s enhanced educator experience provides teachers with the insights they need to make informed decisions about instruction and supplement student ILPs at every stage of their learning. An expanded teacher toolkit provides offline re-teaching resources such as worksheets and answer keys.

As students work through their ILPs, easy-to-read reports provide key information about student engagement, progress, and achievement.

Class Summary Report

Teachers can answer questions such as:

  • Which students need help with content?
  • Who is not engaging with the intervention?
  • How can I group students effectively for further instruction?

Individual Student ILP Report

Teachers can view the full ILP for any student to:

  • Determine exactly where a student is struggling
  • Provide effective re-teaching support

Learn the Research Behind the Program

Elementary School Online Curriculum for Full-Time Virtual Students

Serve more students in your district with personalized virtual instruction

Get a glimpse of our elementary school online curriculum for full-time virtual students

In partnership with Accelerate Education, Edgenuity Instructional Services offers a curriculum for students in K–5 who complete all of their learning online. This elementary school online curriculum features over 30 standards-aligned courses that can be taught by Edgenuity’s state-certified virtual instructors.

Students will complete age-appropriate, engaging lessons with access to tools that support learning including text to speech, audio and translation, text and picture dictionaries, and more. Educators can easily monitor student progress and performance with usage statistics, grading and feedback tools, curriculum maps, and communication tools.

Give your youngest learners a well-rounded, high-quality education along with more ownership over their learning, which is one of the first steps in developing a lifelong desire to learn.

Learn how Edgenuity supports your youngest English language learners

Help your students be successful with our elementary school curriculum and solutions

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