Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Imagine Learning follows all graduation requirements for Florida students as mandated by Florida legislation.

Ensure middle school students have opportunity to meet middle school promotion requirements

The Imagine Learning Student Information System provides a course plan tool to arrange the schedule of classes to be taken throughout the year. In order for students to advance to the next grade level, they must complete each course in their course schedule for the corresponding academic year, demonstrate mastery of the standards, and successfully complete required assessments. Only approved academic personnel have access to set up and make changes to student course plans.

Ensure high school students have opportunity to satisfy Florida graduation requirements

Within the SIS, Imagine Learning utilizes a graduation plan tool that outlines graduation requirements and denotes each student’s progress towards those requirements. Students and faculty are able to see the requirements, what has previously been completed, current classes, and planned courses by required category. Graduation plans are customized to Florida graduation requirements, with standard and advanced tracks as appropriate that include mastery of the B.E.S.T. and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and a satisfactory score on required assessments.

To view current graduation requirements visit the Florida Department of Education website at

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