Academic Plan

Students, parents, and counselors meet with Edgenuity’s Registrar and Academic Support Team to design an Academic Plan that meets the student’s needs and targeted dates for completion. This process includes a careful review of previous transcripts, completed courses, and assessment requirements to create an academic plan in accordance with Florida graduation requirements.

Because classes are available 24 hours a day, target completion dates can be customized to fit the student and school timelines needed for completion. Counselors provide guidance for course alternatives, course load, and course options.

Course Timelines:

Edgenuity’s Academic Support Team sets target completion dates for courses using an 18-week semester and 36-week year. Students taking less than a full load or students whose schedules do not allow for regular on-time graduation will be provided a customized course timeline in accordance to the recommendations from the partnering district and Edgenuity Counselor.

Graduation Academic Requirements:

The Learning Management System and Student Information System are utilized to determine if students have met graduation requirements as required by Florida. Graduation requirements are listed here Florida Graduation Requirements

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