Enrollment in a school district virtual instruction program is open to any student that meets the requirements of Florida Statute 1002.455:

Student eligibility for K-12 virtual instruction— All students, including home education and private school students, are eligible to participate in any of the following virtual instruction options:

(1) School district operated part-time or full-time kindergarten through grade 12 virtual instruction programs under s. 1002.45 (1)(b).

(2) Full-time virtual charter school instruction authorized under s. 1002.33 to students within the school district or to students in other school districts throughout the state pursuant to s. 1002.31 .

(3) Virtual courses offered in the course code directory to students within the school district or to students in other school districts throughout the state pursuant to s. 1003.498 .

(4) Florida Virtual School instructional services authorized under s. 1002.37 .

Enrollment Process

The process to verify student eligibility and enroll is as follows:

  • I. Students will complete an online enrollment application in which a user account is created.
  • II. Packet is downloadable. Forms can be submitted via fax or scanned and emailed to customersupport@edgenuity.com.

*The email inbox is a secure inbox. Additional enrollment process questions are answered by our Enrollment Counselors via Live Chat and/or telephone via toll-free number. If fax and email are not possible, documents can be mailed.

Once a student submits their application an Enrollment Counselor (EC) is assigned. The Enrollment Counselor will answer questions and conduct an orientation via a web meeting. During the mandatory web meeting student information is verified, the EC will review school policies, responsibilities and expectations of the student, parent, Edgenuity Academic Support Team, and if applicable, the local district. Upon completion of the district enrollment requirements and receipt and review of the submitted documents, the student registration is sent to the District Administrator for approval. Once the student is approved the enrollment will be finalized.

Age Requirement

Students in elementary school (K-5) are not eligible for enrollment courses unless the enrollment is specifically requested by the school guidance counselor and approved by Edgenuity Virtual Schools to begin taking grade 6 courses. Students can be enrolled through age 19. Students must complete their course before age 21.

Exceptional education students who have not earned a standard diploma remain eligible foreducational services through the end of the school year in which they become twenty-two years old (IDEA.97-300.121(a)). Verification, approval and transcripts from the school district are required.

Students will submit forms and documentations.

Residency Requirements

Students shall be considered Florida students if any of the following criteria are met:

  • Be enrolled in a Florida public school, or
  • Be enrolled in a Florida private school and whose legal guardian is a Florida resident, or
  • Be the child of a parent who is stationed at a Florida military base (the legal guardian must be the person who is stationed at the Florida military base).

Student Priorities

Student priority for enrollment is determined by the contractual agreement with the district served. Priority instances include students needing a course to graduate one semester early or other indicators as identified by the district.

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