Staff Information

Staff Information

Teacher Responsibilities

The virtual instructor is required to conduct a minimum of one contact via phone with the parent and the student each month.

As part of the regular responsibilities, virtual instructors are expected to fulfill duties in the following areas:

Responsibilities to the Student

  • Orient students to course and communicate course requirements
  • Maintain office hours
  • Conduct instructional sessions (regular class meetings, web meetings, tutoring)
  • Check and respond to emails within 24 hours M-F
  • Grade and provide feedback for instructor graded assignments within 72 hours (M-F)
  • Provide individual and specific feedback on progress reports
  • Maintain additional student communication requirements (i.e. one-to-one weekly contact)
  • Set course completions deadlines for student work
  • Individualize and differentiate instruction to help each student achieve curricular objectives
  • Encourage student progress

Responsibilities to the Parent/Guardian

  • Provide individual and specific feedback on progress reports
  • Support parents with student curricular and instructional issues
  • Track student academic progress and attendance in the Learning Management System
  • Conduct conferences with students and parents/guardians as requested
  • Document and communicate discipline concerns (ex. plagiarism, cheating, absenteeism)
  • Maintain regular contact with students, families, and other key stakeholders

Responsibilities to the Classroom

  • Learn the curriculum in its entirety for assigned courses and grade levels
  • Communicate expectations and demonstrate an active interest in student achievement
  • Validate course grades and make recommendations for promotion and retention if necessary
  • Use a variety of resources to appropriately respond to the needs of all learners
  • Utilize asynchronous and synchronous tools to expand course content according to prescribed policies and procedures
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Travel to and participate in staff meetings and professional development sessions as needed

Instructional Services Staff

Imagine Learning’s Virtual School is staffed with an experienced and dedicated team. Senior Staff are listed in the table below:

Name Title Contact Information
Kinsey Rawe Vice-President and General Manager
Lance Bertola Director of Product Solutions
Kourtney Wilson Florida Administrator
Kimberlin Rivers Vice President, Instructional Services
America Velez Faculty Planning & Compliance Supervisor
Ghislaine Dijkhoff Florida Instructional Services Supervisor
Lainney Ballew Learning and Development, Instructional Services

Teaching Staff

Imagine Learning’s Florida teaching staff are highly qualified and certified. Click here to access current teaching staff.