Integrating Edgenuity with Third-Party Systems

Integrating Edgenuity with Third-Party Systems

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Edgenuity® makes it easy for schools and districts to manage student data, enable single sign-on, and import student, course, and teacher data into our system to create accounts and enrollments.

Accounts and Rostering

Accounts and Rostering integrations allow a district to set up an automated nightly import from a Student Information System. Accounts integrations can be used to create student and/or teacher accounts. If desired, the import can also be configured to allow districts to manage Edgenuity course enrollments directly from the SIS. No data is returned to the district’s SIS.

Single Sign-On

All of Edgenuity’s products support multiple types of single sign-on (SSO). These integrations allow districts to use existing login credentials via Active Directory/ADFS, LDAP, SAML, LTI, Google, or Clever. SSO can be configured from a district-specific Edgenuity “vanity” URL (e.g., or from within a third-party LMS or district portal.

All SSO integrations must be used in combination with a nightly import to create user accounts. The SSO username will be configured as part of the import.

Content-Only Integrations

Pathblazer®, Hybridge®, and Courseware content can be configured within a third-party LMS via Thin Common Cartridge.

In a Thin Common Cartridge integration, teachers can assign activities to build courses in Schoology, Canvas, Safari Montage, Buzz, or D2L Brightspace. A score is returned to the third-party LMS for assessments and some assignment types, but the full suite of Edgenuity reports or LMS functions are not available in this integration type.


Usually deployed in partnership with a Student Information System, Edgenuity’s API provides methods to create users, login, and assign course enrollments, as well as to return student progress and grade information to a third-party system. Use of the API requires a district or third-party vendor to engage in their own engineering development.

Integrating Edgenuity with Your LMS

Learn more about the two different ways Edgenuity integrates with third-party Learning Management Systems through Single Sign-On and Thin Common Cartridge.

Integrating Edgenuity with Your SIS

See how Edgenuity helps you import data from your Student Information System to create student and teacher accounts, as well as enroll students in courses.

Contact support for more information

Contact support for more information

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