State of Louisiana to Provide Social and Emotional Learning Courses to Students Statewide

State of Louisiana to Provide Social and Emotional Learning Courses to Students Statewide

PRWEB | Scottsdale, Arizona | July 21, 2020

Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that Louisiana will provide every student statewide in grades six through twelve access to online social and emotional learning (“SEL”) courses, recognizing the critical role that SEL plays in promoting student success and well-being.

“We must support our students through the uncertainty of today’s environment. Their ability to learn well depends not only on instruction, but also on a sense of belonging, positive relationships and the feedback they receive,” said Governor Edwards. “As students have been disrupted from their school routine and disconnected from their teachers, social and emotional support and skills are more essential than ever.”

SEL courses will be provided online through Edgenuity’s Purpose Prep. Taught by over 80+ content experts, mental health professionals, educators and global leaders coming from all walks of life, these courses help educate the whole learner, creating a safe place for students to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and improve their communication and academic performance. The curriculum includes a new learning module in response to COVID-19 that addresses the trauma and loss caused by the pandemic. Students learn about healthy emotional responses and strategies, building and maintaining relationships through chaos, and defining purpose through uncertain times.

“During these challenging times and feelings of isolation, it is our hope that we can provide students with the tools they need to develop, address and nourish their social and emotional needs, “ said Daniel Budzinski, founder of Purpose Prep. “Schools have long been sources of support, community, socialization, and security for their students, and have provided resources that go far beyond academics. It is a critical time to provide access to social and emotional learning programs.”

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