Courses + Curriculum

Courses + Curriculum

Online courses for middle and high school students

Edgenuity Courseware

Edgenuity Courseware™ offers a full suite of over 200 core curriculum, AP®, honors, elective, dual credit, and concept and credit recovery courses.

Our courses are built using an instructional model grounded in research and are Common Core, NGSS, and state-standards aligned. We combine direct-instruction videos featuring expert, on-screen teachers with rigorous assignments, performances tasks, and assessments to engage students and ensure subject-area mastery.


Edgenuity Courseware Offers:

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Edgenuity provides a full suite of initial credit courses for middle and high school students in English language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Concept and Credit Recovery

Credit + Concept Recovery

Self-paced learning and pretesting allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they’ve already mastered so students can catch up and graduate on time.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Our dual credit courses by Sophia allow students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit while proving to universities that they can perform college-level work.

World Languages

World Languages

Provided by Powerspeak®, our foreign language courses are aligned to state and national (ACTFL) standards and help students build a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and communications in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or Latin.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement®

Edgenuity’s Advanced Placement courses include rigorous coursework, an array of multimedia activities and assignments, and an online platform for in-depth discussion.


Career Electives

CTE courses give middle school and high school students the opportunity to explore exciting careers and plan for their future.

Test Preparation

General Electives

General electives offer middle and high school students the opportunity to explore a variety of interests such as art, psychology, sociology, economics, and health and physical education.

State Specific

State-Specific Courses

Edgenuity publishes state-specific courses to help students achieve success and meet the standards and graduation requirements of their state.

Concept + Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

Help students graduate on time

Edgenuity’s self-paced learning and pretesting allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they’ve already mastered. Course content can be customized to meet the standards of your school or district.

How It Works



Before each lesson, students are quizzed to assess mastery of the content. If students meet the district’s passing threshold, they can place out of the content. All content will be revisited on cumulative exams, providing additional checks for mastery.



Educators can customize courses for content recovery, helping students receive extra practice with specific lessons or units of study.



Real-time reports identify students who are falling behind or not mastering material, allowing educators to intervene quickly and get students back on track.

The Educator Experience

Our learning management system gives you the flexibility you need to personalize learning, customize curriculum, and manage your program with real-time data and reporting in one easy-to-use platform.

The Student Experience

Our courses blend rigorous, standards-based instruction with lessons from expert, on-screen teachers and multimedia tools and resources. Real-world applications ensure students build content knowledge and inspire deeper understanding.

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