Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Edgenuity values our customers.

Your safety and privacy are important to us so we have developed the following policies to cover the use of our products and services. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our policies. The following Privacy Policy applies to the corporate website and any other related public or private website provided by Edgenuity, including:,, and

If you have any questions, please contact Edgenuity’s legal department at 877-202-0338 x 1006.

Privacy Policy

Edgenuity Inc acknowledges that the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) protects all student information released by district/school for educational purposes to Edgenuity Inc. We protect data by industry accepted standards. Edgenuity Inc further agrees:

  • To specify the educational purpose for which the student information is required.
  • To use the student information provided for the specific, limited educational purpose and intent stated in this agreement. Any other use is prohibited.
  • That district/school reserves the right to modify or limit the student information requested and that the student information provided to Edgenuity Inc will be on a need-to-know basis specifically limited to the educational purpose of the contract.
  • No student information will be maintained, stored or kept on file (electronic or through any other media) after the stated educational purpose has been fulfilled.
  • Data deletion requests may be made by authorized district personnel. Parents may request data deletion via the appropriate district contact.
  • Specifically, any and all student information is to be deleted from any electronic storage; paper copies or any other media are to be destroyed, and notice of this destruction is to be sent to district/school. This includes any data in aggregate form if that aggregation requires the retention of individual student records.
  • To limit the distribution of student information to only those employees who have a legitimate educational need to access the information.
  • Student information will not be re-disclosed to any other party without the prior knowledge and prior written consent of district/school.
  • Any re-disclosure of student information will disqualify the disclosing party from receiving information in the future, and the third party under this compliance agreement, to whom the information was originally released, will indemnify the district or individual against any and all liability (including but not limited to damages of any nature, attorney’s fees and any and all legal costs) arising out of the third parties’ use and disclosure of educational records and personally identifiable student information in violation of FERPA or in violation of any other statutory or common law privacy rights.
  • To maintain a log of all persons who have accessed the student information and present this log to district/school upon request.
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