Online Credit Recovery Courses for Middle and High School Students

Edgenuity’s® credit recovery courses help students who have fallen behind learn the material they need to know to move to the next grade level or graduate on time, while still giving them a rigorous education that prepares them for life beyond high school.

Online Credit Recovery Courses for Middle and High School Students

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Flexible Credit Recovery that Works

For students who have fallen behind in school, catching up can be overwhelming. For middle and high school students who have fallen behind, catching up to grade level means finding time to repeat and master content and skills they previously struggled with, in addition to completing other graduation requirements and fulfilling personal responsibilities.

Edgenuity’s credit recovery courses are designed to help students learn at their own pace and on their own time, focusing on exactly the concepts and skills they need to. The flexibility of these courses empowers students to catch up to their peers, recover lost credits, and graduate on time.

Students using Edgenuity for credit recovery earned 26% more credits and graduated at a higher rate than their peers

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Edgenuity Courseware™ for Credit Recovery

Help students recover lost credits to graduate on time

Edgenuity’s self-paced learning and pretesting allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they’ve already mastered. Course content is aligned to state standards and the Common Core, and can be customized to meet the standards of your school or district.

How Credit Recovery Works

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Before each lesson, students are quizzed to assess their mastery of the content. If students meet the district’s passing threshold, they can place out of the content. All content will be revisited on cumulative exams, providing additional checks for mastery.

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Educators can adjust courses to match their scope and sequence, or customize courses for concept or unit recovery, so students can focus on just the parts of a course they still need to learn.

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Real-time reports identify students who are falling behind or not mastering material, allowing educators to intervene quickly and get students back on track.

Learn more about offering credit recovery courses to your students

Implementing Credit Recovery Courses

There are many different ways to deliver online credit recovery courses to your students. With the flexibility Edgenuity courses offer, students can complete their work anywhere and anytime, as long as they have a device and reliable internet access. Schools and districts throughout the US have designed a number of different credit recovery programs to meet their needs, including these common implementations:

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Credit Recovery Lab

Many schools develop a credit recovery lab for students to attend during their free time, like a study hall period, a before- or after-school program, or a weekend learning program. This can be staffed by a teacher (or facilitator, if you’re using our virtual instructors), and gives students a dedicated time and place to complete their work.

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Summer School

Traditionally, schools offer summer school as an option for students who need to make up work and recover lost credits. With online learning, your school or district can offer credit recovery courses during the summer months for students to complete from home or on campus. And you can staff your summer program with your own district teachers or our highly qualified virtual instructors.

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Unit Recovery

Rather than wait for a student to fail a full course, some schools offer students the opportunity to recover a single unit or module, or study before a course is completed, helping students proactively stay on track before they’ve had a chance to fall behind.

Online Credit Recovery and Curriculum that Engages and Motivates Students

Recapturing the attention and focus of students who have fallen behind their classmates is the first step in getting them back on track to graduate. Edgenuity’s online courses feature direct-instruction videos with expert, on-screen teachers who explain concepts and help students make real-world connections to what they’re learning.

Our courses are built using the latest research in online learning, educational psychology, and instructional design, and support the three guiding principles of Universal Design for Learning: multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. Students also have access to a wealth of learning scaffolds and tools, including translation capabilities, read aloud, a dynamic interactive glossary, and more. And because students control the pace of their learning, and can pause and review content whenever they need, they can focus exactly on what they need.

Milwaukee Public Schools’ Creative Credit Recovery Solutions

MPS partners with Edgenuity to offer credit recovery in a way that meets their students’ specific needs, which has led to the completion of over 10,000 courses in just 3 years.

Increasing Graduation Rates with Credit Recovery at Roxana High School

Roxana worked with Edgenuity to design an innovative credit recovery program that runs year-round, giving their students plenty of opportunities to earn the credits they need to graduate.

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