Personalized Virtual Instruction for Elementary, Middle + High School

Personalized Virtual Instruction for Elementary, Middle + High School

Edgenuity® Instructional Services offers personalized virtual instruction to help you better serve more students. Find out more about how you can customize virtual instruction to meet your specific needs while getting the support you need to be successful.

One Partner for All Your K–12 Virtual Instruction Needs

Experienced teachers, virtual classrooms, real learning. We’ve got you covered.

Edgenuity Instructional Services partners with schools and districts around the country to provide standards-aligned online courses and curriculum for K–12 students taught by Edgenuity’s highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors.

Our state-certified virtual instructors:

  • Can act as the teacher of record for Instructional Services’ over 300 standards-aligned courses, helping you expand your course offerings
  • Regularly communicate with students to provide support and reteaching
  • Can help fill long-term and temporary staffing needs, including parental and medical leave

Whether you need to expand course offerings, give students more flexibility, offer comprehensive test preparation, or establish your own virtual program or school, Instructional Services will work with you to design a personalized virtual instruction program for elementary, middle, and high school students.

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Who Are Edgenuity’s Virtual Instructors?

State-certified, experienced teachers who prioritize student success

Edgenuity’s virtual instructors are dedicated, state-certified teachers who put their students first. They work across time zones using multiple means of communication to provide students with data-driven, personalized virtual instruction to ensure they have all the support they need to learn, grow, and excel.

With over 1,700 state/subject-area endorsement pairings, Edgenuity’s virtual instructors are certified to teach hundreds of courses throughout the United States. And in 2018 alone, virtual instructors taught more than 75,000 student enrollments.

Using real-time data and reports, virtual instructors also connect with families, home schools, and school mentors to keep them aware of student progress and performance. Additionally, virtual instructors work in tandem with success coaches, special education case managers, concept coaches, and more to provide students and staff the multiple layers of support needed to ensure program and student success.

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Online Elementary School Curriculum

Meet the needs of your youngest learners with Edgenuity Instructional Services

In partnership with Accelerate Education, Edgenuity now offers online curriculum for elementary school students who complete all of their learning online. Taught by Edgenuity’s state-certified instructors, this standards-aligned curriculum offers over 30 courses in math, ELA, science, and more.

Lessons are age-appropriate and engaging, and feature supports and tools to help students along the way. This online curriculum can help you meet all of your district’s virtual instruction needs, while also helping you give your youngest students more ownership over their learning.

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The Edgenuity Difference

Redefining student engagement and achievement with data, transparency, accountability, flexibility, and support

Instructional Services offers an engaging, content-rich curriculum that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your students, schools, and district. Edgenuity’s experienced virtual instructors focus on building relationships with students to ensure their success. Access to real-time data and reports empowers you and your staff to track student performance and program health.

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Award Winning

With multiple awards and recognitions over several years, Edgenuity offers over 300 courses for initial credit, credit recovery, general and career electives, world languages, Advanced Placement®, and dual credit.

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NCAA® Approved

The Instructional Services secondary curriculum and instructional model have been reviewed and approved by the NCAA® to ensure your student athletes receive a rigorous college-preparatory learning experience.

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Rolling Enrollment

All Instructional Services courses feature rolling enrollment, giving students access to as many courses as they need at any time. Rolling enrollment enables students to take courses year-round, so they can work ahead and explore new interests.

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Live Lesson Option

Enhance your students’ world language education with our live lesson add-on. Once a week, our Extended Learning Teachers teach a live lesson, giving students the opportunity to interact with their teacher, ask questions, and practice speaking the language.

Learn more about enrolling more students at no additional cost with reusable seat licenses

Edgenuity Instructional Services in Action

Learn from the families of Edgenuity students how personalized virtual instruction and the Instructional Services staff work together to help students excel.

[With] online learning, [my son got] the support, motivation, and time necessary to allow him to reach his full potential….[H]e was not necessarily an engaged and willing student, [and his virtual instructor] overlooked his lack of motivation and challenged him. I sincerely cannot say enough good things about her….I am impressed with Edgenuity’s overall team approach to student success. [My son] successfully finished the class, graduated from high school, and is on his way to pursuing his dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer specializing in high performance and autonomous vehicles.

[My son] is a bright kid who never fit the traditional teaching mode. Until high school, school was very difficult for [him] because he gets bored easily and has challenges focusing on non-preferred activities. [His] area of gifted focus is technology; there isn’t a device or system that he doesn’t understand, or can’t troubleshoot or teach about. High school offered [us a] great, out-of-the-box thinking administration, which opened the door to independent study. He and I appreciate how [his virtual instructors] personally reach out to him and offer extra credit and comments on his progress. No other instructor has had the degree of personal approach that [they] have [had], and that is very significant for an online program.

How can I start building my personalized virtual instruction program?

How Can I Use Virtual Instruction to Help My School or District?

Use our report generator to design a virtual instruction program built to your exact needs and specifications.


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