Online Learning Intervention for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Edgenuity’s® online learning intervention solutions provide students with targeted, data-driven, and age-appropriate instruction to help students close learning gaps so they can catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

Online Learning Intervention for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Targeted Intervention to Help Students Catch Up

Edgenuity’s online intervention programs, Pathblazer® (K–6) and MyPath® (6–12), provide students with personalized instruction that focuses on the skills and concepts in math and ELA they still need to master so they can catch up, keep up, or get ahead. The programs tailor learning to the needs of each student with a focus on building the confidence they need to move forward.

See how MyPath helped students outperform their peers by 33% on the MAP® Growth reading assessment

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Edgenuity intervention programs are designed by educators for educators to enhance teaching and drive student success. They allow educators to teach the way today’s students learn by leveraging technology in a way that integrates seamlessly with their teaching style.

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Intervention for Grades K–6

For schools and districts that are seeking high-quality supplemental instruction for elementary students, Pathblazer provides the flexibility teachers need to deliver personalized learning paths for math and reading intervention or assign skills-based learning and enrichment in the four core subjects. The enjoyable instruction collects student data and allows teachers to monitor learning and maximize results. 

Pathblazer® meets ESSA Tier 1 evidence and improves reading scores for students.

Download our Pathblazer brochure to learn more

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Intervention for Grades 6–12

For middle and high schools seeking a research-based online intervention program in both reading and math, MyPath delivers targeted, age-appropriate learning paths according to each student’s skill level for remediation, on-grade-level support, or enrichment. Every MyPath lesson uses a gradual-release instructional model so students receive the instruction and practice they need at the exact moment they need it. The data and reporting features in MyPath empower educators to monitor student performance at a glance, and quickly step in to offer additional help where needed.

How MyPath Works

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Built-in placement exam to determine students’ initial proficiency level or integration with NWEA® MAP® Growth™, Scantron® Performance Series®, and Renaissance Star 360® assessments.

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A library of standards-based lessons from the 3rd-11th grade built explicitly for older students so teachers can meet students where they are with engaging, age-appropriate instructional content that keeps them motivated.

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Gradual release, explicit instruction with answer-specific feedback that promotes confidence and conceptual understanding.

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Progress monitoring and skills-based reporting to help inform small-group instruction or one-on-one with students whether in-class or at home.

Download our Edgenuity MyPath brochure to learn more

Personalize Learning and Enrichment to Help Struggling Students Excel

Edgenuity intervention programs help struggling students maximize their learning through engaging explicit instruction with clearly defined lesson goals and expectations that strengthen foundational learning.

Help your students master the skills they need to for lasting academic success.

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