K–12 online intervention solutions

Educators know that providing struggling students with age-appropriate, differentiated instruction that focuses on the skills students have yet to master is crucial to their future success.

Edgenuity’s online intervention programs, Pathblazer® and MyPath, help educators pinpoint learning gaps and provided a targeted, data-driven instructional pathway to help students catch up, keep up, or get ahead.


Intervention for grades K–6

Pathblazer helps educators engage discouraged students, hold their attention, and deliver engaging instruction in math and reading to accelerate students to grade level. Pathblazer immediately identifies where students are struggling and provides the targeted instruction they need to close learning gaps.

How Pathblazer Works

Pinpoint Gaps

Pinpoint Gaps

Students begin with an adaptive screener to determine functional level, and then take a diagnostic pretest at that level to pinpoint skill gaps. Or, schools can import existing student data from one of our assessment integration partners to create prescriptive learning paths with no additional testing.

Personalize Instruction

Personalize Instruction

Each student is provided with an Individualized Learning Path (ILP) designed to fill gaps and accelerate them to on-level mastery. All lessons are built around a gradual-release instructional model of explicit instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and assessment.

Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress

The intervention reports in Pathblazer track student progress toward standards mastery, inform small group instruction, and help teachers plan for one-on-one time with students.

Pathblazer in Action

Watch a sample lesson to see Pathblazer’s content in action.

View our Pathblazer brochure to learn more


Intervention for grades 6–12

MyPath is an online intervention program that offers data-driven differentiated instruction for mathematics and reading. Edgenuity MyPath is designed to meet middle school and high school students at their learning level and provide age-appropriate instruction to help them get back on track.

How MyPath Works

Pinpoint Gaps

Pinpoint gaps

Students take a reading or math placement exam to determine what they’ve mastered and where they’re struggling. Or, import existing student data from one of our assessment integration partners to leverage trusted data that can inform instruction.

Personalize Instruction

Personalize instruction

Students are assigned an Individualized Learning Path (ILP) focusing on the concepts they’re ready to learn. Age-appropriate instruction via our direct-instruction videos and practice provides intervention, remediation, or enrichment opportunities.

Monitor Progress

Monitor progress

Educators receive detailed and dynamic reports on student progress in real-time. So you can instantly identify the topics students are struggling with, and provide immediate support.

Read our whitepaper on personalized learning

MyPath should be made available to every teacher, in every school and educational setting, where each and every student’s educational needs are imperative.

View our Edgenuity MyPath brochure to learn more

Assessment Integrations

Use data you already have to help provide targeted instruction.

Assessment Integrations

Use data you already have to help provide targeted instruction.

Edgenuity is proud to partner with NWEA™ MAP® Growth™, Renaissance Star 360®, and Scantron® Performance Series® assessments to help provide personalized learning paths for students using trusted data you already have. Educators can import student results directly from the assessment’s reporting system into our LMS, eliminating the need for additional testing.


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