Online Learning Intervention for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Edgenuity’s® online intervention solutions provide students with personalized instruction designed to pinpoint skills and optimize grade-level learning so students can catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

Online Learning Intervention for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Targeted Intervention that Delivers a Better Path Forward

Edgenuity MyPath® K–5 and MyPath® 6–12 are personalized learning programs for reading and math that deliver high-impact, engaging lessons that target the specific skills students need to get back to grade level. These innovative programs tailor learning to the needs of each student with technology that prioritizes age-appropriate content and optimizes learning to maximize student success.

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Introducing MyPath K–5

An Enhanced Platform that Optimizes Learning Intervention

MyPath K–5 is a new supplemental personalized learning program for reading and math that delivers an adaptive sequence of high-impact, age-appropriate, prioritized lessons on an enhanced platform that promotes confidence, engagement, and conceptual understanding.

This next-generation platform builds upon the award-winning Pathblazer® content for reading and math to provide a more student-focused design that targets achievement gaps using intuitive Smart Sequencer technology.

According to The Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) at Johns Hopkins University, the Pathblazer program MyPath K–5 builds upon had a positive and statistically significant effect on reading comprehension for 3rd- through 5th-grade students.

See how the Pathblazer content MyPath K–5 builds upon improves reading scores

Smart Sequencer Technology Prioritizes Grade-Level Learning

Smart Sequencer for MyPath K–5 prioritizes lessons and activities based not only on a student’s skill level but also on what the student needs to succeed in their current grade-level work.

Using the data about students’ domain-level proficiency, the Smart Sequencer identifies the priority skills each student needs and creates a precise Individualized Learning Path (ILP) using research-based, developmentally appropriate lessons designed for real learning breakthroughs.

Learn more about Smart Sequencer by watching our video.

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An Adaptive Cycle that Intuitively Adjusts to Students

MyPath K–5’s new precision-learning platform empowers teachers to leverage a cycle of assessment, assignment, adaptivity, analysis, and action to provide optimized and equitable grade-level learning for all students.

MyPath K–5 features a built-in adaptive assessment that provides a reliable measure of each student’s ability and instructional grade level. Teachers can determine the learning path or integrate NWEA MAP Growth® or Renaissance Star data to deliver high-impact, prioritized lessons that continually adapt instruction to students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Keep Students Engaged with Motivating, Age-Appropriate Content & Rewards

Build confidence by connecting with students at their skill level and rewarding them for their effort.

Engaging Content

Sometimes, the only thing struggling students need is a spark to get them excited about learning. MyPath K–5 uses high-quality content built around a gradual-release instructional model of direct instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and ongoing mastery checks in a dynamic and fun learning environment.

MyPath K–5 Reading

Watch the intro to our reading instructional video on comparing two stories.

Lessons are designed to help students strengthen the skills they need to read more complex texts at grade level and with comprehension by focusing on the priority, high impact, and major work domains that build on reading informational text, reading literature, and reading foundations.

MyPath K–5 Early Literacy

Watch the intro to our reading foundations lesson on breaking words into sounds.

Students performing two or more grade levels below expectations in reading will receive instruction in phonics, previewing, self-correction when reading, reading with expression, attention to punctuation, and vocabulary development.

MyPath K–5 Math

Watch the intro to our math lesson on dividing 3- and 4-digit dividends by a 2-digit number.

Lessons are designed to focus on the essential skills of each grade so that students can gain strong foundations and solid conceptual understanding on how to solve problems and are ready for middle school algebra.

Download our MyPath K–5 brochure to learn more

Actionable Insights Help Teachers Drive Outcomes

New MyPath K–5 feature enhancements give educators unparalleled insights and flexibility to drive learning outcomes, including:

  • A rich library of developmentally appropriate content for struggling students so they can engage with age-appropriate content even when several grades behind.
  • Ongoing mastery checks that adapt learning to each student’s level of understanding after initial placement to keep learning targeted towards grade-level work.
  • Teacher Toolkits with each lesson so teachers can easily identify students who are struggling unproductively. It provides downloadable resources they can use in small groups or with the whole class.
  • Professional development and support help ensure you are equipped to meet your implementation goals and fully support your teachers and students.

Re-teaching lessons include both a student-facing worksheet and an answer key. They are scaffolded and have an initial review, structured practice, independent practice, and opportunities to demonstrate understanding.

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MyPath 6–12

Age-Appropriate Intervention for Middle and High School Students

MyPath 6–12 is a research-based online intervention program for reading and math that delivers targeted, age-appropriate learning paths for secondary students. Every lesson uses a gradual-release instructional model, so students receive the exact instruction and practice they need at the moment they need it. Data and reporting features give educators powerful tools to monitor student performance in real-time and provide additional help where needed.

How MyPath 6–12 Works

  • A Built-in placement exam determines students’ initial proficiency level or integration with NWEA® MAP® Growth, Scantron® Performance Series®, and Renaissance Star 360® assessments.
  • A library of standards-based lessons from the 3rd–11th grade is built explicitly for older students so teachers can provide engaging, age-appropriate instructional content that keeps learners motivated.
  • Gradual release, explicit instruction with answer-specific feedback that promotes confidence and conceptual understanding.
  • Progress monitoring and skills-based reporting help inform small-group instruction or one-on-one with students, whether in-class or at home.

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Personalize Learning and Enrichment to Help Struggling Students Excel

Edgenuity intervention programs provide an advanced learning approach for students of all levels. Our Teacher Powered Technology delivers engaging instruction with clearly defined lesson goals so that struggling students can make meaningful learning breakthroughs that strengthen foundational knowledge.

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