K–12 Personalized Learning Solutions for Schools + Districts

K–12 Personalized Learning Solutions for Schools + Districts

Our K–12 personalized learning solutions help teachers meet students where they are. You can empower students to take ownership of their learning, and offer flexible options for pace, scaffolding, remediation, and acceleration, all within one classroom.

Personalized Learning Solutions

Edgenuity® partners with schools and districts around the country to deliver personalized learning to meet the needs of every student. Our core curriculum, credit recovery courses, intervention, and supplemental instruction can be used in blended or online learning implementations to ensure students and teachers have access to engaging resources that propel success and meet students’ diverse learning needs. Pairing online curriculum and real-time data with teacher-led instruction makes it possible to truly personalize learning for every student.

Online Courses, 6–12*

Edgenuity Courseware™ offers a full suite of over 300 standards-aligned, customizable courses for initial credit or concept and credit recovery.

Test Readiness, 6–8

UpSmart® provides adaptive instruction and practice to help students master grade-level skills and gain experience with technology-enhanced items.

Intervention, K–12

Pathblazer® and MyPath™ provide students with personalized, age-appropriate intervention in math and reading.

What Is Personalized Learning?

Today’s classrooms are filled with a diverse population of students with varying academic needs. Online learning is a powerful tool to help teachers personalize the learning experience for every student.

When delivered online, personalized learning offers flexible options for pace, scaffolding, remediation, and acceleration all within one classroom. Teachers can leverage this technology, plus the data it provides, to meet each student where they are at, taking into account prior knowledge as well as individual strengths and weaknesses.

Foundational Skills

The way we teach young learners today actively shapes their future, so it’s important to set them on the path to success. Hybridge is a supplemental online learning program that offers dynamic content to help teachers personalize learning so students can build the foundational skills they need to be successful today and in the future. This flexible program can easily be used alongside teachers’ classroom instruction.

Online Courses

Real-world applications, powerful interactive tools, and direct-instruction videos help students stay engaged while learning. Edgenuity Courseware offers core, career and general elective, AP®, dual credit, and credit recovery courses for initial credit or concept and credit recovery. Using our course customization tools, teachers can align lessons, units, and courses to match their curriculum and further tailor instruction to meet their students’ needs.

Test Readiness

Teachers need resources that diagnose students’ academic strengths and weaknesses and prescribe targeted learning opportunities accurately and efficiently. UpSmart gives teachers continual feedback on their students’ performance throughout the year, empowering them to personalize instruction and provide students the practice they need to master grade-level skills so they can be successful on high-stakes exams.

Targeted Intervention

It’s important to offer age-appropriate intervention at the first sign of struggle in the classroom, and data-driven instruction helps teachers do this with ease. Pathblazer and MyPath assess students or can leverage third-party student data to assign personalized learning paths so students can get the extra instruction and practice they need to catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

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Assessment Integrations

Use Data You Already Have to Help Provide Targeted Instruction

Edgenuity is proud to partner with NWEA™ MAP® Growth™, Renaissance Star 360®, and Scantron® Performance Series® assessments to help provide personalized learning paths for students using trusted data you already have. Educators can import student results directly from the assessment’s reporting system into our LMS, eliminating the need for additional testing when using Hybridge, Pathblazer, and MyPath.


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