Personalized Professional Development Offerings for Today’s Educators

Edgenuity professional learning options provide targeted training and practical resources that empower educators to create a personalized, impactful training experience.

Personalized Professional Development Offerings for Today’s Educators

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Our promise of continuous support and partnership for educator success

With flexible delivery options, leveled learning, and sessions targeted to your needs, our experienced professional development (PD) team will provide the support you need to set your implementation up for success throughout the year.

Our team will partner with you to build a PD plan based on your schedule and aligned to your goals. Sessions are tailored to reach users with differing levels of experience and are targeted specifically to the needs of educators and instructional leaders.

Our sessions focus on:

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Participants will learn key features of the product, including how to interpret & analyze data to make data-informed decisions.

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Interactive discussions and hands-on opportunities help educators adopt best practices for new models of teaching and learning.

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Our PD specialists partner with you to deliver content aligned to your instructional goals.

Flexible Options to Fit Your Needs

Our flexible packages include focused PD for each product, with virtual or onsite delivery options. Packages are adaptable to target PD for each school site or share PD sessions across the district.

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Empowering Educators with On-Demand Professional Development

KnowlEdge Academy provides convenient access to courses that support your Edgenuity implementation through self-paced professional learning. Courses incorporate best practices, including those defined by Andragogy adult learning theory. Learning is on-demand, self-directed, and builds on past experiences. It allows learners to define personalized, practical integration of their learning and provides opportunities for guided practice prior to application in the classroom.

KnowlEdge Academy’s professional learning options address common concerns administrators have with traditional product training:

  • New and veteran educators can choose their training options to meet individualized needs and grow at their own pace.
  • Asynchronous courses allow teachers to revisit instruction as needed and even learn through a flipped classroom model of blended learning.
  • Newly hired staff, or those who missed the training session, can easily catch up as they complete courses on their own time.
  • Schools can create a schedule of professional development to meet all educators’ needs and even supplement or extend Edgenuity PD offerings.

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