Edgenuity Help for Families

New to Edgenuity or virtual learning? Our award-winning, research-based curriculum and learning solutions are built to support students of all skill levels and abilities.

Edgenuity Help for Families

New to Edgenuity or virtual learning? Our award-winning, research-based curriculum and learning solutions are built to support students of all skill levels and abilities.

Welcome to Edgenuity!

As a company made up of educators, our mission is to provide opportunity and access to high-quality education using technology to improve student outcomes. Put simply, helping your student be successful is our top priority.

Our learning solutions are designed by educators, tested by students, and built to enhance teaching and drive academic achievement at all levels. We partner with your school or district to expand learning opportunities and flexibility, and are here to support you.

We want to assure you that even though your student may not be going into school every day, they can still receive a high-quality and engaging education from dedicated instructors that moves them forward in their learning.

En Español: ¡Bienvenidos Padres y Familias!

Understanding Your Role

What is expected of you as the caretaker of a student completing school work online? And what is the responsibility of their teacher? These short videos describes some expectations and helpful tips for families to help understand some standard expectations of virtual learning.

Caregiver’s Role

Teacher’s Role

Getting Started with Edgenuity Help for Families

To begin, make sure your student knows which learning management system (LMS) they’ll be working in and how to access it. Your school or district should provide you with the login URL, as well as your student’s username and password.




If you have specific questions about the learning management system and solutions your student is using, reach out to your school or district.

Need help and not sure who to contact? This short video can help!

Explore the Edgenuity Student Experience

Each year, millions of students use Edgenuity curriculum and solutions to learn. Our courses feature rigorous, standards-based instruction; interactive tools that support learning; and engaging multimedia and real-world applications to help students build essential skills and content knowledge.

Take a tour of our student experience

Is your student being taught by Edgenuity instructors?

Guidance for supporting your student is available here.

Need to contact a product support specialist?

Product Overviews + Help

Once your student has successfully logged in, these videos can help them begin working in their respective learning solution




Looking for more detailed Edgenuity help for families? Visit the links below:

Research Behind Edgenuity’s Solutions

As a company of educators, Edgenuity is steadfast in our commitment to develop innovative, research-based curriculum and solutions that propel student success

We use the latest research in online learning, instructional design, and educational psychology to build curriculum and learning solutions that support and challenge students in the right ways. And our solutions have been recognized by outside organizations for their strong research foundations.

Over the years, more than 4 million students have used Edgenuity’s curriculum and solutions to learn, and today, more than 20,000 schools throughout the country use Edgenuity. The use of our curriculum and learning solutions has resulted in real, meaningful improvements in student growth and achievement, and many of our customers have shared stories about how Edgenuity has helped them and their students.

Always, our goal is to increase opportunity for all students, and we continue developing and updating learning solutions to do so.

In 2020, Edgenuity learning solutions have won and been finalists for 10 industry awards

Edgenuity Help for Families: Guidance + Tips for Virtual Learning

When learning moves between the school building and the home, family members may need to take a more active role in their student’s education. For years, Edgenuity has been successfully supporting students, educators, and families in making this transition. Discover our tips for supporting your child in virtual learning.

If your student is new to virtual learning, you’ll notice some differences from in-person learning including how teachers interact with students and how their progress and growth are measured. Even with these changes, both you and your student’s teachers remain crucial components of their success.

The biggest change will be in how the instruction and curriculum are made available to your student. No matter your student’s age, skill level, or ability, it’s good to regularly check in on them to help monitor their progress and remind them that you’re still invested in their academic growth and achievement. Talk through challenges with them, and encourage them to work through struggles. And as you can, celebrate successes, both big and small.

Explore our articles designed to help families support their students with virtual learning

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