Edgenuity’s Continuity of Learning Solutions

Our learning solutions are designed to mitigate learning loss resulting from school closures for students in grades K–12. Whether your students need to catch up, fill in learning gaps, or review content to boost their learning, we’ve got a solution that can help.

Edgenuity’s Continuity of Learning Solutions

Solutions that Mitigate Learning Loss

After schools closed in March, learning completely changed, leaving educators struggling to continue offering instruction in a way their students could access and respond to.

Many students are experiencing a prolonged summer slide, which creates a big challenge for educators as they return to school. Edgenuity’s Continuity of Learning solutions are designed to help schools and districts offer additional learning opportunities to mitigate learning loss resulting from school closures.


Discover Edgenuity’s Continuity of Learning solutions, which are designed to cut down on learning loss from school closures

Learning Loss Courses for Grades 6–12

Help Ensure Students Learn the Content Covered During School Closures

Learning Loss Courses are designed to help ensure that students learn the content, skills, and standards in the four core subjects addressed during school closures. Teachers can customize the content in these courses, which provide an effective learning solution so students are ready to learn new material, and support both progress monitoring and accountability to help meet state or federal funding requirements.

Learning Loss Courses are designed to be completed in nine weeks.

Offer additional learning opportunities this fall to help your students catch up

Booster Courses for Grades 6–12

Help Students Refresh and Boost Their Math + ELA Skills

Booster Courses prepare students for grade-level ELA and math courses by providing explicit, direct instruction on the most important concepts and skills from the previous grade. Students begin by taking a 50-question diagnostic assessment to determine their understanding of the overall course content, and to customize their learning path.

Each lesson in these courses begins with pretesting to assess the student’s proficiency of the skills covered in that lesson, enabling students to place out of individual lessons so they can focus on skills and content they have yet to master.

Booster Courses are designed to be completed in eight weeks, but can be completed more quickly depending on prior knowledge.

Discover our math and ELA Booster Courses for grades 6–12

Additional Offerings

Support Social + Emotional Health, Elementary Students, and More

To further support students and educators, we also offer:

  • An SEL module for grades 6–12 that helps educators and students address the trauma and loss they are experiencing due to the pandemic and associated school closures. Students will learn about healthy emotional responses and strategies, and building and maintaining healthy relationships. And teachers can utilize the discussion questions within the module to facilitate group discussion, written responses, or individual conversations.
  • A SummerBridge course suite for rising sixth- and ninth-grade students that prepare them for the increased difficulty of middle and high school.
  • Concept recovery modules that provide more focused support for mastering specific standards and catching up to grade level.
  • Pathblazer for on-level mastery and fall readiness in math, ELA, science, and social studies for elementary students.

As students work through these courses and modules, valuable data will be collected so teachers can see individual student progress and get a better understanding of where additional instruction and support are needed. Students can work on these courses throughout the fall semester to help fill any gaps in their learning and reinforce what they’ve already learned.

Learn more about how you can expand digital learning as part of your Continuity of Learning plans

Professional Development + Support

Support and Guidance for Transitioning to Online and Hybrid Learning

As schools and districts continue adapting to the changing needs of their communities, educators need focused training to offer their students instruction and support so they can continue learning. To help, we have developed webinars and courses that offer additional training and guidance for teachers and administrators.

Much of this training is delivered via prerecorded webinars, enabling educators to watch and review them as needed. The training covers topics such as enrolling students in Booster Courses, customizing course content, and grading and monitoring student work. All of these videos and courses are designed to cut down on the amount of work educators need to do to transition to online and hybrid instruction, leaving them more time to focus on helping their students.

Ready to build your Continuity of Learning plan?

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