High School Curriculum + Learning Solutions

Give your students more options with Edgenuity’s® online high school curriculum and learning solutions. Partner with us to help students move forward, earn credits for graduation, be successful on important assessments, and more.

High School Curriculum + Learning Solutions

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Prepare Your Students for College and Career Success

The path to graduation isn’t the same for every student, so give your students more flexibility, support, and options with online learning. Edgenuity offers a wide variety of online courses and learning solutions to help you meet the unique needs of all of your students and keep them on track for both graduation and future success.

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Engaging Courses and Curriculum for High-School Students

Digital learning built to help your students thrive

Our engaging core curriculum, world language, AP®, CTE, and elective courses are designed to help students in grades 9–12 meet the challenge of Common Core and state standards, as well as your state’s graduation requirements. Rigorous, interactive courses keep students focused on the content they need to learn, which is designed to foster the advanced critical thinking and analytical skills they will need in post-secondary education. Our courses can be used for initial credit or credit recovery as well as content or concept recovery in order to ensure subject-area mastery.

Edgenuity Courseware courses feature:

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Direct-Instruction Videos

Expert on-screen teachers provide direct instruction, model strategic thinking, and make real-world connections, so students get the guidance and help they need for meaningful learning and application.

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Interactive Tasks and Assignments

Students read and write, explore and create, practice, predict, and more in order to develop the analytical and critical thinking skills they need to succeed both now and in the future.

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Formative and Summative Assessments

A variety of assessments test for mastery and immediately provide direct, actionable feedback so students can monitor their own progress and teachers can step in to provide additional help when needed.

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Interactive Learning Tools

Our full suite of learning tools, including read aloud, text translation, and Guided Notes in select core courses, helps students access content, organize information, and complete assignments.

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Offer NCAA®-Approved Courses to Your Student Athletes

Help your student athletes achieve greatness both inside and outside the classroom with Edgenuity Instructional Services. The NCAA® has approved our curriculum and instructional model for providing student athletes with a rigorous college-preparatory learning experience using our highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors.

Age-Appropriate, Data-Driven Intervention

MyPath is an online intervention program that offers high-school students data-driven differentiated instruction and practice in math and ELA. Age-appropriate instruction can be used for remediation, reinforcement, and acceleration, and spans skills in grades 3–11 so students can close learning gaps, even at the foundational level.

Support your students with personalized, age-appropriate intervention

Dual Credit for High-School Students

Edgenuity’s dual credit courses by Sophia® empower students to challenge themselves academically, earn high-school and college credit, and show colleges and universities that they can perform college-level work.

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Engaging Courses

Students work through advanced high-school courses at their own pace so they can demonstrate subject mastery before moving on to new concepts.

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Real-Time Data

Students can monitor their own progress, growth, and achievement with easy-to-understand course data and reports.

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Flexible Implementation

Use your school’s staff to facilitate learning or have Edgenuity’s virtual instructors serve as the teacher of record. Concept Coaches are also available to help students work through more challenging material.

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Virtual Tutors Test Readiness Courses

Ensure every student can be successful on state and national exams

Edgenuity’s Virtual Tutor courses offer comprehensive preparation for end-of-course and exit exams, as well as the SAT®, ACT®, PSAT®, GED®, HiSET®, TASC, ACCUPLACER®, COMPASS®, and ASVAB.

Learn more about pairing virtual instructors and virtual tutor courses with instructional services

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Upfront Diagnostic

Pretests assess students’ strengths and weaknesses, and help build an individualized content review program so students only receive instruction and practice on skills they have yet to master.

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Direct Instruction

Our courses provide more than just practice. Expert, on-screen teachers guide students through full lessons, modeling strategic thinking, problem-solving, and more.

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Frequent Assessments

Students can access data to monitor their own understanding and stay on track, and educators receive real-time data and reports to monitor students’ progress and performance.

Ready to see your students experience success with our high school curriculum and learning solutions?

Ready to see your students experience success with our high school curriculum and learning solutions?

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