From Learning Loss to Learning Breakthroughs

As we start a third unpredictable school year, discover how you can reimagine learning to support students, teachers, and families to ignite learning breakthroughs.

From Learning Loss to Learning Breakthroughs

Back to School But Not Back to Normal

What does a reimagined 21st-century classroom look like?

Learning loss, unfinished learning, loss of learning opportunities—whatever you call it, for the past two years, our students have not gotten what they need to learn and grow at the typical rate for a typical school year. As we experience a third challenging school year, how can we support students and teachers to ensure everyone is ready and equipped for the learning that will take place today, tomorrow, and the next day?

It starts by acknowledging that we are not returning to “normal,” and by reimagining how we can support teachers and students:

By offering tools, professional learning, and resources that help teachers take time-consuming administrative tasks and responsibilities off their plates so they can provide targeted personalized learning to students.

By offering high-quality instruction and curriculum, learning scaffolds, and supports so students can catch up and continue learning, no matter how far behind grade level they may be.

And by making use of research-based, proven digital curriculum and learning tools that are designed to support students and teachers no matter where or when learning takes place.

Come reimagine learning with us.

Personalizing Learning to Drive Success

Maximizing student potential is critical for addressing learning loss and unfinished learning from the past two years. To do this, we must meet students where they are with personalized, flexible learning that meets their specific needs.

There are many things to consider as you personalize learning, including any other challenges students may be facing, involving their families to increase success, and encouraging learning outside the classroom.

Read these helpful articles to discover our tips for doing all of this and more, and watch our video to learn how personalizing learning helps students:

Preventing and Addressing Learning Loss During Distance Learning

How to Effectively Use Data as a Tool to Help Students

Finding a Healthy Balance of Screen Time During a Pandemic

Five Tips for Motivating Teens to Read [Infographic]

Ready to design a program tailored to your school or district?

Reimagined Learning in Practice

Edgenuity partners with schools and districts throughout the country to support their needs. Online learning implementations are designed so that every partner school and district experiences growth and success.

Explore the stories of partner schools and districts throughout the country.

Transitioning to online learning

Pivoting to hybrid learning

Seeing higher growth on high-stakes exams

Expanding to offer online learning to 60,000 students

Increasing success with online learning

Find out what funding sources you can use to build an online learning program that helps you address learning loss

Optimizing Learning for All Students

Ignite learning breakthroughs for your students with Edgenuity

The best online learning partner is one that listens to and understands your needs, and can provide both learning solutions and the support, training, and guidance for using them. At Edgenuity, we know that personalized learning helps teachers meet students where they are in their learning, and frees up time for them to support students in the specific ways they need.

The new MyPath meets students where they are with age-appropriate, engaging learning in math and ELA. Students work on the most important skills for their grade level so they can catch up to their classmates and move forward in their learning.

With Edgenuity Courseware, you get access to 400+ standards-aligned, customizable courses for initial credit and concept and credit recovery. As students work on their courses, our LMS collects clear, actionable data to provide insights on their progress.

Our empowering social and emotional learning curriculum is available for students in grades K–12 and for educators. Use this curriculum throughout the school day to equip students with the prosocial skills they need for success in the classroom and beyond.

Edgenuity can help you design an online learning implementation that frees up time for educators, helps students get back up to grade level and move forward in their learning, and addresses social and emotional needs that can impact academics.

Contact us today to build a reimagined learning program that addresses your needs

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