NCAA-Approved Courses for Student Athletes

NCAA-Approved Courses for Student Athletes

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NCAA-approved Online Courses and Instruction

Students shouldn’t have to choose between a great education and their athletic dreams.

After undergoing an extensive evaluation by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Edgenuity’s curriculum and instructional model have been approved for online instruction. Schools and districts can enroll student athletes in Edgenuity courses to ensure they are prepared to enter college with a rigorous online academic experience.

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Using Edgenuity Instructional Services

Districts and schools are welcome to enroll student athletes in Edgenuity courses through Edgenuity Instructional Services, which provides standards-aligned online courses taught by Edgenuity’s highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors. Through Edgenuity Instructional Services, student athletes receive a rigorous, college-preparatory learning experience and an interactive teacher-student component.

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Using Your Own District Teachers

Districts and schools wishing to offer NCAA-eligible online courses using Edgenuity’s curriculum, but not Edgenuity Instructional Services, must contact the NCAA to submit documentation describing how your implementation model meets NCAA requirements. You will not need to submit Edgenuity’s curriculum since this has already been reviewed and approved.

Discover how to implement Edgenuity Instructional Services for effective online learning

Edgenuity and the NCAA

View our full list of NCAA-approved courses and learn more about using Edgenuity Instructional Services for student athletes.

Best Practices

Read about best practices to ensure a successful implementation of online courses that meet NCAA requirements.

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