NCAA®-Approved Online Learning Courses for Student Athletes

Edgenuity®’s flexible online instructional model and curriculum in ELA, math, social studies, science, and world languages are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for student athletes.

NCAA®-Approved Online Learning Courses for Student Athletes

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Support Your Student Athletes with NCAA-Approved Online Courses and Instruction

Help your students achieve academic and athletic success

Many students who participate in competitive sports struggle to find a balance between athletics and academics, and there are nearly half a million NCAA student athletes who compete in 24 different sports every year. As a trusted partner, Edgenuity is proud to offer our NCAA-approved curriculum and instructional model to student athletes. Schools and districts can enroll student athletes in our online learning courses via Edgenuity Instructional Services and Edgenuity online high school courses and curriculum to ensure they are prepared to enter college with a rigorous online academic experience that fits into their flexible schedule.

Make sure you are in the know as the NCAA updates its standards to meet the learning needs of student athletes! Watch an informative webinar held in cooperation with Edgenuity Instructional Services (an NCAA valued partner) and the NCAA Eligibility Center. Experts will share available relief options for student athletes and help you understand the updated NCAA Eligibility standards for the 2020-2021 school year. The NCAA Eligibility exceptions have been extended to the 2021-2022 school year.

Topics include:

  • Available waivers for student athletes
  • Implementation processes and best practices for enrolling
  • NCAA-approved online learning courses

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Support Students Athletes with Edgenuity® Instructional Services

Districts and schools can enroll student athletes in NCAA-approved online learning courses through Edgenuity Instructional Services to provide standards-aligned online courses taught by Edgenuity’s highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors. Our instructors provide written feedback on student work, reteach concepts when students are struggling, and communicate regularly with school staff and parents.

Through Edgenuity Instructional Services, student athletes can receive a rigorous, college-preparatory learning experience, on-demand tutoring, and an interactive teacher-student component.

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Teach Student Athletes Using Your Own District Teachers

Edgenuity’s online learning courses and curriculum solutions for middle and high school students offers schools access to over 400 courses, including standards-aligned courses for initial credit and concept or recovery. Following extensive evaluation and cooperation with NCAA Eligibility, student athletes can use our digital curriculum and courses to reach their academic goals with flexible online instruction.

Districts and schools wishing to offer NCAA-approved online learning courses using Edgenuity’s online courses and curriculum must contact the NCAA to submit required documentation that describes how your implementation model meets NCAA requirements. For tips on NCAA compatibility, review our NCAA best practices guide for complete implementation and requirement information.

Check out our best practices for successfully implementing online courses that meet NCAA requirements

See How One School is Integrating Athletics and Academics Effectively

Helping Students Find the Perfect Balance

With students all over the country, the United States Performance Academy (USPA) is designed for high-performance athletes in middle and high school who need challenging curriculum, flexibility, and support for their unique schedules.

See how the USPA model provides flexible learning solutions, and how they use NCAA-approved online learning courses to help student athletes get the most out of their education while also competing in sports such as ice hockey and figure skating. When schools like USPA offer flexible learning solutions for student athletes, they’re able to challenge those students academically in a way that fits their busy schedules.

Offering Multiple Layers of Support

By using Edgenuity’s NCAA-approved online learning courses, USPA provides students with multiple layers of support—with access to interactive tools, built-in scaffolds, and faculty advocates.

USPA students regularly interact with Edgenuity’s virtual instructors and have access to Edgenuity’s on-demand tutoring service. Students also work with USPA’s Academic Coaches to develop healthy learning strategies, including notetaking and time-management skills. And Edgenuity’s real-time data helps USPA faculty members understand how their students are progressing.

For us, it’s really, really important to have a group of kids that mix well and understand the value in our network of athletes as well as the importance of doing well in school, and not to have a group that feels that school and sport are separate, but instead integrated. Because I think both of them provide our kids with a really unique level and opportunity to learn.
With regards to the curriculum, I think it’s more rigorous than what [my son] was learning in public school. And the reason being is, Edgenuity covers more material. And what I like about Edgenuity is that [he] can progress at his own pace. He seems to be able to kind of immerse himself, he gets dialed in, and he’s finding more success that way.

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