Design Your Customized School Reopening Plans

With many factors to consider, planning for the 2020–2021 school year is a unique challenge. Partnering with Edgenuity can help you prepare to pivot to partial or fully online learning while offering your students and staff the support and training they’ll need to do so in the coming months.

Design Your Customized School Reopening Plans

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Supporting Students and Staff from Anywhere

As conditions and community needs change, your school or district must be able to continue providing students with the high-quality education and individualized supports they need, and equipping your staff with the training and resources they need to do so.

Partnering with Edgenuity enables you to establish an online learning program so you can adapt quickly while still supporting your staff and students.

Build your customized school reopening plan to discover how Edgenuity can help you address many of the challenges you face while giving you additional flexibility and support.

Prepare to pivot between in-person and virtual instruction with our downloadable workbook

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Short- and Long-Term Solutions That Help

Support for Continuity of Learning + Virtual Programs

With this year’s learning loss expected to be more pronounced than in the past, schools and districts need resources that can help to both mitigate and address this learning loss for students of all grades and abilities. To help, we offer resources for Continuity of Learning as well as on-demand tutoring in secondary core subject areas for Edgenuity Courseware and Instructional Services students six days a week during the summer and seven days a week in the fall.

Additionally, partnering with Instructional Services enables you to open and run your own virtual school or program, so you can easily adapt to the changing needs of your community. With Instructional Services, you get access to the support and guidance you need to help ensure your implementation is a success.

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Design and build your customized school reopening plan

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Training + Support for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Needs

Edgenuity’s Professional Development Virtual Hybrid Webinar Series

Our Virtual Hybrid Webinar Series prepares educators to implement Edgenuity in a virtual or hybrid model by providing them with the training to build an understanding of Edgenuity’s essential features.

This five-session webinar series explores the student and educator experiences, identifies different ways to use data to drive engagement, progress, and achievement, and more. These sessions provide the tools and guidance you need to begin using Edgenuity with your students in a virtual or hybrid learning environment.

Watch our webinar to learn about flexible digital learning approaches for partial school reopenings

Design Your School Reopening Plans

As you plan and prepare to return to school, Edgenuity can help support the needs of your school and local community

Discover how partnering with Edgenuity can help you better prepare for the 2020–2021 school year by selecting your areas of concern below.



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Continuity of Learning

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Start building your school reopening plans today

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