Flexible Social and Emotional Learning Solutions for Today’s Whole Learner

Edgenuity®, in partnership with Purpose Prep, offers rich and relevant K–12 social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and highly practical teacher resources that help educators meet SEL prevention and intervention goals for students of all ages.

Flexible Social and Emotional Learning Solutions for Today’s Whole Learner

The importance of social emotional learning

The Importance of Social and Emotional Learning

In today’s complex world, a well-defined SEL program is more important than ever.

Today’s students face challenges beyond the classroom as they form relationships, find identity, and face adversity. Integrating social and emotional learning into the classroom as early as possible, gives educators powerful ways to connect with students through meaningful conversations that can improve behavior, increase student success, and inspire learning that lasts a lifetime.

“We are coming to realize and recognize that other skills, such as stress management are critical skills to learning.”
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Foundational SEL For Young Students

Purpose Prep Elementary for Grades K–5

Research has proven that social and emotional learning is essential for students of all ages. To support this priority, Edgenuity®, in partnership with Purpose Prep™, offers a fun, easy-to-use SEL program for students in grades K–5.

The Purpose Prep elementary curriculum is a set of engaging SEL lessons that provide a powerful foundation for students across two grade bands: K–2 (Feelings Factory) and 3–5 (Transform My Emotions). As students move through the lessons, they focus on recognizing, understanding, and regulating six basic emotions and feelings: sadness, anger, fear, happiness, love, and peace. Students also learn about respectful and inclusive behavior along with communication skills that are helpful for building a positive classroom and school culture.

Easy-to-Use, Flexible, Fun Curriculum Resources

The Purpose Prep elementary curriculum scaffolds teaching and learning with a comprehensive set of teacher- and student-tested resources:

  • Short conversational videos
  • Classroom routines and lesson plans
  • Standards alignments for Common Core ELA
  • Downloadable worksheets and storytime sheets
  • Online call-to-action activities, games, and sing-alongs
  • Powerful, downloadable posters

Looking to provide age-appropriate SEL for K–5 students?

Edgenuity and Purpose Prep

SEL Content Suite For Grades 6–12

The Edgenuity and Purpose Prep partnership provides educators with powerful SEL solutions that can reduce behavior referrals and negative behaviors, increase student success, and build invaluable social skills.

The SEL content provides hundreds of dynamic and unique activities across a wide library of courses, all of which are thoughtfully taught by more than 80 engaging and diverse experts. Educators can use the activities or full courses to personalize the learning experience for their students.

This curriculum is aligned to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) best practices.

Looking for powerful and meaningful SEL curriculum for your students?

Student-Focused SEL Experience

This SEL content provides students with a transformative and life-changing curriculum.

The multimedia-rich lessons lead into rich discussions and assignments that engage students about timely, relevant topics that matter most to them. Students are challenged, encouraged, and inspired throughout each lesson. Take a tour of Edgenuity’s SEL experience and watch social and emotional learning in action by watching the video below:

“Compared to online platforms and resources I have seen used throughout the last decade, Purpose Prep’s professionalism is second to none, and I would certainly recommend this coursework in attempting to challenge my 21st-century students.”

Life-Changing SEL Lessons

Purpose Prep’s SEL lessons provide support for all students by giving educators flexible content and instruction options.

These SEL lessons focus on priorities like responsible decision-making, developing life and workforce skills, building social skills and healthy relationships, and digital citizenship. Questions and call-to-action assignments in each lesson encourage interaction with adults and peers and are aligned to demonstration of skills for ELA standards.

Six Courses that Foster Social and Emotional Development:

Courses that Foster Social and Emotional Development:

  • Character & Leadership Development
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Personal Development
  • Social & Emotional Success
  • Unlock Your Purpose
  • Climate & Culture Transformation
  • Trauma-Informed Living
  • Restorative Practices & Principles
Lesson Topics that Address Intervention Needs:

Lesson Topics that Address Intervention Needs:

  • Restorative Practice/Justice
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Learning Refusal Skills and How to Say “No”
  • Avoiding Exploitation
  • Coping Skills
  • Substance Abuse Prevention, including Vaping and JUULing
  • Depression and Hopelessness
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Overcoming Peer Pressure
  • Gangs, Guns and Fighting
  • Anger and Temper Management
  • …and many more!
“I can definitely say that this course has gotten me thinking a lot more about me and what I want to do after school. A deeper way to think about it than before. Thinking in terms of the ‘why’ and not just what I am going to do.”

SEL For Educators and Mentors

Gain the confidence to engage and connect with students

Confident teachers are the critical foundation for student success. Which is why Edgenuity, in partnership with Purpose Prep, offers a robust SEL curriculum for adult learners. The Educator SEL curriculum introduces teachers to SEL topics aligned to CASEL competencies to help build understanding and personal frameworks for SEL.

The Educator SEL curriculum prepares educators to model, mentor and instruct students in a wide range of SEL topics. The courses help educators and other adults build a common culture and language around social and emotional learning, while fostering a shared experience, and creating empathy among colleagues, and in educator-student relationships.

Purpose Prep's 3 Course Levels with 12 Topics of Study graphic

View our SEL for educators and mentors brochure to learn more

Integrating SEL Into Your School or Classroom

Every school has unique goals and priorities for SEL that reflect the diversity of its students.

This SEL curriculum easily integrates into a classroom setting and offers teachers interactive resources to fully support their students. Any student experiencing specific issues requiring intervention can utilize this curriculum for redirection and strategies for change.

Flexible Implementation Options

Social and emotional learning can be implemented in a variety of ways, and this content provides the flexibility to support many delivery models.

Full Course Delivery


Teachers can choose to facilitate lessons and discussions as synchronous, full-class activities…

Asynchronous delivery option


…have students work asynchronously by engaging with online discussion boards and assignments…

Combined Curriculum option

Combined Curriculum

…and/or combine SEL topics with other Edgenuity curriculum.

Edgenuity SEL in Partnership with Purpose Prep Provides:

SEL for Students

For Students

  • Virtual classrooms that allow for self-paced, interactive digital learning
  • Multimedia course content designed by subject matter experts from all over the world
  • A robust family involvement component that encourages interactions between students and mentors
  • Discussion forums for students and teachers to receive and share feedback
SEL for Educators

For Educators

  • A comprehensive course overview and syllabus
  • An instructor manual and facilitation guide
  • An easy-to-use LMS
  • Dynamic user interface with embedded discussion questions for each lesson
  • Assessments, learning targets, essential questions, and success criteria embedded into each course
SEL for Administrators

For Administrators

  • No installation, setup, or complex learning curves required
  • Credit-bearing courses that can be used for credit recovery or initial credit
  • Meaningful professional development
  • Transformational content designed to enhance school culture as well as positive student behaviors and outcomes
  • Customizable content

View our SEL brochure to learn more

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