Online Summer School

Online Summer School

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Provide Personalized Learning During the Summer

Edgenuity® can partner with your school or district to create a summer school program that fits your unique needs and academic goals and creates more opportunities for student success. Staff your own summer program using your district instructors, or keep operating costs down using our virtual instructors for a fully online summer program.

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Engage and Challenge Students at All Levels

With Edgenuity’s flexible learning options, your summer school program can be customized to accommodate the needs and academic goals of a variety of K–12 students. Engage struggling students who need to get back on track, challenge gifted students who are motivated to move ahead, or help students prepare for high-stakes tests and end-of-course exams.

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Unique Models to Meet Summer School Needs

With Edgenuity’s customizable online courses, there’s no need to develop new curriculum for your summer school program. Whether our courses are taught by your own staff or our state-certified virtual instructors, Edgenuity’s flexible learning options allow students to work from home or in school through a variety of unique summer school implementation models.

Solutions to Fit Your Summer School Needs

Students can take summer school courses on campus or at home

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Course Expansion

Enable students to take advanced classes, world languages, and electives not offered at your school.

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Credit Recovery

Help students master content, recover credits, and graduate on time with self-paced online courses.

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Pinpoint learning gaps and provide a targeted, data-driven pathway to help students catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

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Test Readiness

Prepare students for important tests, ranging from end-of-course exams to national and state-specific exams.

Flexible Instructional Options for Summer School

Edgenuity Instructional Services offers a flexible implementation model, designed to meet the specific goals and needs of each school or district we partner with. By staffing your online summer school program with Edgenuity’s highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors, you can provide personalized virtual instruction to your students at school or at home. Access to real-time data and reports empowers educators to track student progress and performance to ensure all your students are meeting their academic goals.

Discover how to implement a virtual program with Edgenuity Instructional Services.

Summer School Success Stories

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Texas students took Edgenuity courses in a summer school computer lab and more than doubled their pass rate on a state test.

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A blended summer program in Georgia helped teenage parents, students in foster care, and other at-risk students recover credits.

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Using our Instructional Services, Virginia students took an online summer school program and excelled on end-of-course tests.

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After a successful summer school implementation, Illinois students were able to enroll in Edgenuity during the school year.

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