Online Summer School Programs for Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Partner with Edgenuity® to design a cost-effective summer school program that meets your needs. Students can complete their work at school or at home, which can help cut down on operating costs while offering your students extra opportunities to learn.

Online Summer School Programs for Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Make the Most of Summer Learning With Flexible Solutions

The summer months are an opportunity for students to catch up to their peers, retake courses they struggled with, or work ahead. Edgenuity’s flexible learning options enable you to customize your summer school program to meet all your school’s or district’s needs.

Create an online summer school program to help students earn initial or recovery credits to meet their academic goals. Staff your summer program using your own district teachers or keep operating costs down by using Edgenuity’s highly qualified, certified virtual instructors for an entirely online summer program.

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Address Staffing Needs with Virtual Teachers

Edgenuity Instructional Services help you expand your summer school options. Incorporating virtual instruction into your summer school program allows you to serve more students while solving the common problems you face every year –– like staffing summer programs.

Address staffing issues with our Virtual Teachers and On-Demand Tutors, power up summer learning with 3-5 Booster Camps and 6–12 Booster Courses for ELA and Math, and provide targeted intervention in reading and math.*

*New for 2021 – live, small group, teacher-led instruction sessions for Booster Camp and Booster Courses

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One Place for All Your Summer School Needs

Help Students Recover Credits

Our Credit Recovery Courses are designed to meet students at their learning level with powerful features that support self-paced learning and pretesting. Students spend more time on what they need with less time on content they’ve mastered.

Tackle Learning Loss

MyPath K–5 for reading and math helps teachers close achievement gaps for students using data-driven learning paths that deliver age-appropriate, adaptive lessons aligned to priority standards.**

Boost Summer Learning

Booster Courses are short ELA and Math courses designed to prepare students for success as they enter grades 6–12. These courses provide an upfront diagnostic that informs an individualized learning path, tailored to each student.

Provide SEL That Meets The Moment

Edgenuity, with Purpose Prep, offers a rich and relevant K–12 social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and practical teacher resources that help educators meet SEL prevention and intervention goals for students of all ages.

**Edgenuity Instructional Services is not yet available for MyPath K-5.

Use the Summer to Serve More Students

Engage and Challenge at All Levels

Edgenuity’s flexible learning options help you engage with struggling students who need to get back on track, challenge gifted students who are trying to move ahead, and help students prepare for high-stakes tests and end-of-course exams.

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Unique Models to Meet Summer Needs

With Edgenuity’s customizable courses, there’s no need to develop new curriculum for your summer school program. Whether delivered by your own staff or our certified virtual instructors, Edgenuity’s flexible summer school learning options allow students to learn from home or at school through a variety of implementation models.

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Summer School Success Stories

Schools and districts across the country have partnered with Edgenuity to design unique online summer school programs that meet their needs.

Icon in the shape of the state of Texas


Texas students took Edgenuity courses in a summer school computer lab and more than doubled their pass rate on a state test.

Icon in the shape of the state of Georgia


A blended summer program in Georgia helped teenage parents, students in foster care, and other at-risk students recover credits.

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