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Your partner in building K–12 Alabama virtual learning solutions

Welcome, Alabama educators! We know you work tirelessly to meet the diverse needs of all of your elementary, middle, and high school students, but you don’t have to do it alone. Edgenuity provides flexible online and blended learning solutions aligned to the Alabama College- & Career-Ready Standards that propel student success and give educators the tools they need to deliver more effective instruction.

We’ll partner with you to provide specialized Alabama virtual learning solutions including core curriculum, electives, and supplemental learning resources to help you improve student outcomes.

Preventing Lost Instructional Time with Virtual Instruction

Edgenuity + Bullock County Schools

Bullock Country Schools partners with Edgenuity to prevent lost instructional time despite local, statewide, and national teacher shortage. In this webinar, Superintendent Dr. Christopher Blair shares how the combination of flexible instructional routines and specific funding solutions have empowered school leaders to provide tiered instruction, which has led to improved academic achievement and growth.

Virtual Learning, Grades K–12

Edgenuity Instructional Services offers courses taught by our highly qualified, Alabama-certified virtual instructors. Whether you need to supplement your school’s course offerings, offer NCAA-approved courses, address lost instructional time and teacher shortages, or start or expand your virtual school or program for students from kindergarten through 12th grade, we’ll work with you every step of the way.

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Meeting the Needs of All Students with Online and Blended Learning

All of our courses and online learning solutions were built using research-backed instructional strategies and are designed to help Alabama students with a wide variety of educational needs.

On-screen teachers deliver direct instruction and model various learning strategies including self-monitoring, self-evaluation, questioning, and more. Our learning solutions and courses empower students to both get extra instruction and practice when they need it and work on more advanced material at their own pace.

Courses can also be customized to align with IEP and 504 plan requirements, and feature learning tools, resources, and scaffolds to support learning. Additional supports are available through Instructional Services, including case managers who work with school and district personnel to help ensure students are getting all the support they need to succeed.

Curriculum and Supports for English Language Learners

Boost learning outcomes for your elementary, middle, and high school English language learners with blended learning ELL curriculum offered in partnership with Middlebury Interactive Languages™. The curriculum focuses on basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language proficiency so students are learning both the social and academic aspects of the English language.

Social and Emotional Learning for Middle and High School Students

Incorporating social and emotional learning (SEL) into the classroom can have a profound effect on student behavior, outcomes, and success. That’s why Edgenuity now offers six SEL courses in partnership with Purpose Prep. Educators can use the full course or individual modules within them to design the learning experience. And all courses align to the core SEL competencies outlined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.

Our learning solutions support students with special educational needs

Increasing Student Engagement, Progress, and Achievement

Keeping students engaged in what they’re learning is vital to ensuring they master standards so they can move forward in their education

That’s why Edgenuity has developed programs and curriculum that align to the Alabama state learning standards, capture and hold student interest, and offer educators real-time, easy-to-read data and reporting to help ensure their students are achieving.

Edgenuity Courseware logo

Online Courses and Curriculum

Ensure your students have access to engaging courses that meet the rigor of Alabama’s state standards with Edgenuity Courseware™. We offer a full suite of over 250 middle- and high-school courses in ELA, math, science, and more, as well as world language, AP®, honors, credit recovery, and general and career electives.

Real-time data empowers educators to monitor student progress and step in to offer extra help just when students need it. With Courseware, educators also have access to a number of easy-to-understand reports so they can see the progress of individual students or groups of students, including percentage of work completed, time spent on task, and other essential information.

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Increasing K–12 Student Growth and Proficiency

Use existing student data to personalize instruction and help students catch up, keep up, and get ahead

Edgenuity Pathblazer

Intervention, Grades K–6

Pathblazer® helps Alabama educators close early learning gaps by immediately identifying where students are struggling and providing the targeted instruction they need to accelerate to grade level.

Edgenuity MyPath

Intervention, Grades 6–12

MyPath is an online intervention program designed to meet middle and high school students at their learning level with age-appropriate, targeted instruction in math and reading to help students get back on track.

Middle and High School Test Readiness

Test Preparation, Grades 6–12

Edgenuity’s Virtual Tutor online test preparation courses prepare Alabama students for the ACT®, SAT®, GED®, ACT® WorkKeys®, and other high-stakes exams. Diagnostic assessments create a personalized learning path for each student, so they only receive instruction and practice on skills they have yet to master.

Ready to explore how Edgenuity can help your school or district achieve success?

Ready to explore how Edgenuity can help your school or district achieve success?