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Welcome, Massachusetts educators! Are you looking to address the diverse needs of your students? Let us help you. Edgenuity, a leading provider of online K-12 learning solutions for schools and students, provides Massachusetts educators the tools needed to deliver meaningful and effective instruction. We’ll partner with you to ensure you have the resources and support you need to leverage online learning to improve student outcomes.

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Multi-Cultural Education in Edgenuity

Our inclusive curriculum at Edgenuity, embraces diverse cultures and backgrounds in the content we present and, in the images, and media used throughout our courses. Edgenuity makes every effort to avoid bias and our developers receive regular training to ensure that content is accurate and current.

Courses + Curriculum, Grades 6–12

We’re proud to offer Massachusetts schools courses with curriculum that has been approved by and is being used by districts under 21F to prepare Massachusetts students for college and career success. Edgenuity® Courseware has over 200 Common Core and Massachusetts Standards aligned core curriculum, honors, AP®, credit recovery, and elective courses through. Middle and high school students can use a combination of our rigorous, award-winning online curriculum and face-to-face instruction for initial credit or credit recovery.

Hear how we incorporate the latest research in online learning, neuroscience, educational psychology, and instructional design to create each course.

On-Demand Tutoring for Students

Edgenuity’s Concept Coaches provide expert tutoring services, available on-demand 7 days a week. We provide real-time, one-on-one tutoring in middle- and high-school core subject areas. Let us help your virtual students understand their course material and move on without struggling.

CTE courses are available as an add-on to any licensing model

K–12 Intervention Solutions for Math and Reading

Age-Appropriate Intervention for Students in Grades 6–12

MyPath is an online intervention program designed to meet middle- and high-school students at their learning level with age-appropriate, data-driven instruction to help them catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

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Foundational Skills and Intervention for Students K–6

Reinforce essential grade-level skills in math, reading, science, and social studies. Pathblazer® offers dynamic online content in the four core subjects that can be used alongside core instruction to help student’s practice and master grade-level skills. These supplemental lessons make the transition to blending learning easy with fun, motivating content kids can access in class or at home.

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See how Instructional Services works.

Edgenuity Instructional Services offers standards-aligned courses for 6–12 taught by our highly qualified, Massachusetts-certified virtual instructors. Whether you need to maintain enrollments, offset teacher shortages, supplement your school’s course offerings, provide NCAA-approved courses, or staff your virtual program or school, Edgenuity’s teachers provide the personalized instruction, remediation, and motivation students need to succeed.

Social and Emotional Learning for Students in Grades 6–12

Students face complex challenges both inside and outside of the classroom, and incorporating robust social and emotional learning (SEL) into your instruction can help. That’s why Edgenuity, in partnership with Purpose Prep, now offers six SEL courses that address things like character development, mental health and wellness, and overcoming peer pressure.

Educators can use the full courses or the individual modules within them to design the learning experience for their students, and all of the courses align to the core SEL competencies outlined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Ready to explore how Edgenuity can help Massachusetts students achieve success?

Ready to explore how Edgenuity can help Massachusetts students achieve success?

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