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Welcome, New York educators! We know you work tirelessly to meet the diverse needs of your students, but you don’t have to do it alone. We provide flexible online learning solutions that align to the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards and foster academic achievement and student success. We’ll partner with you to ensure you have the tools, resources, and support you need to leverage online learning to improve student outcomes.

Courses + Curriculum, Grades 6–12

We’re proud to offer New York schools over 250 online courses including core curriculum, honors, AP®, credit recovery, CTE, and general electives. The content in Edgenuity Courseware® aligns to the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards, and helps schools and districts create more learning opportunities. Middle and high school students can use a combination of our rigorous, award-winning online curriculum and face-to-face instruction for initial credit or credit recovery.

Meeting the Needs of All Students with Online and Blended Learning

Built using the latest research-backed instructional strategies, our courses, learning solutions, and curriculum are designed to help all New York students learn, achieve, and succeed.

Our courses and learning solutions can be customized to meet the needs of any student, including those who are homebound or have IEPs or 504 plans. Students receive direct instruction from on-screen teachers, who also model learning strategies, including self-monitoring, self-evaluation, and questioning.

Online learning helps empower your students to get extra instruction and practice when they need it and work on more advanced material at their own pace. Students have access to tools, resources, and scaffolds that support learning, and additional supports are available through Instructional Services, including case managers who work with school personnel to help ensure students are getting all the support they need to succeed.

Curriculum and Supports for K–12 English Language Learners

Boost learning outcomes for English language learners with blended learning ELL curriculum offered in partnership with Middlebury Interactive Languages™. This curriculum helps students learn both the academic and social aspects of the English language with its focus on cognitive academic language proficiency and basic interpersonal communication skills.

Social and Emotional Learning for Middle and High School Students

Take a whole learner approach to education with Edgenuity’s social and emotional learning (SEL). In partnership with Purpose Prep, Edgenuity now offers six SEL courses, all of which align to the core SEL competencies outlined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.

High-Stakes Test Preparation, Grades 6–12

Edgenuity’s Virtual Tutor online test preparation courses prepare New York students for the Regents, ACT®, SAT®, GED®, and other high-stakes exams. Students start by completing diagnostic assessments, which creates a personalized learning path so they only receive instruction and practice on skills they have yet to master.

View a sample of our Virtual Tutor course scope and sequence documents:

We offer flexible and scalable pricing options to fit your needs.

To learn more, contact your local account executive Jennifer Iannazzo.

K–12 Online and Blended Learning Solutions

Hybridge logo

Math + Reading, Grades K–6

Hybridge® offers dynamic online content that can be used alongside core instruction to help students practice and master grade-level skills. This flexible program offers an easy transition to blended learning in elementary school classrooms.

Pathblazer logo

Intervention, Grades K–6

Pathblazer® has helped dozens of New York schools close early learning gaps. Pathblazer uses pretesting or scores from assessments students have already taken to immediately identify where students are struggling and provide the targeted instruction they need to accelerate to grade level.

MyPath logo

Intervention, Grades 6–12

MyPath is an online intervention program designed to meet middle and high school students at their learning level with age-appropriate, data-driven instruction in math and reading to help students get back on track.

UpSmart logo

Standards Mastery, Grades 6–8

UpSmart® is designed to help middle school students demonstrate standards mastery in ELA and math. Combining adaptive assessments with the right level of instruction and practice gives every student the support they need, exactly when they need it.

Students in Rochester made two years of growth in reading in one year using MyPath

New York Virtual Learning, Grades K–12

Edgenuity Instructional Services offers standards-aligned courses taught by highly qualified, New York–certified virtual instructors. Partner with Instructional Services to supplement your school’s course offerings, offset teacher shortages, offer summer school, provide NCAA-approved courses for your student athletes, or build and staff your own virtual school.

As an additional layer of support for students who have an IEP or 504 plan or are homebound, Edgenuity Instructional Services provides Case Managers to assist with everything from intake to course customization to monitoring and reviewing performance.

See how Edgenuity Instructional Services works.

Ready to explore how Edgenuity can help your students achieve success?

Ready to explore how Edgenuity can help your students achieve success?

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