Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

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Supported at Any Time

One of the ongoing challenges for IT directors is testing, implementing, and integrating new technologies. To make this process easier, Edgenuity’s online and blended learning solutions are built on a robust learning management platform that is designed with end users in mind. Our system is secure, easy to implement, and compatible with the most commonly used brow d-flexsers and hardware.

Looking for technical support? Visit our Customer Support page.

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Designed for Easy Implementation

As a leader in online and blended learning, Edgenuity is eager to partner with you to create a program specific to your school’s or district’s academic goals. Once we have helped determine which learning model meets your needs, we will work with you to ensure a seamless implementation.

Tech Installation Guide

Review Edgenuity’s technical specifications and installation requirements, and discover how our powerful Learning Management System creates an incredible user experience for both educators and students.

Media Appliance Overview

Learn about the media appliances Edgenuity offers to customers based on concurrent user needs. Media appliances allow districts to reduce load times with no additional bandwidth, ultimately creating a positive end-user experience.

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Compatible with Your System

Edgenuity’s suite of products and solutions is accessible on multiple operating systems and devices for anytime, anywhere learning.

Edgenuity Courseware System Requirements

Pathblazer® Requirements

Device Requirements

Accelerate Education Allowed URL List

Specific Edgenuity Courseware Courses Allowed URL List

eDL Learning Courses Allowed URL List

CTE Courses Allowed URL List

Odysseyware Requirements

See how Edgenuity integrates with existing systems to manage student data and enrollments

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Protect Student Information

With Edgenuity, you know your information is safe

It’s our goal to provide an educational environment that adheres to strict privacy guidelines. That’s why our online and blended learning solutions are offered on a learning management platform built with sophisticated authentication features.

When our dashboard delivers real-time data on student progress, you can rest assured that the information is protected and private. When you log on to our platform, you can feel confident that your login credentials are authorized in a secure, monitored environment.

System Login and Security

Learn how Edgenuity protects information and enhances password and station privacy for secure student access.

Contact Us for Support

Contact Us for Support

We understand that education is not one size fits all. That’s why we want you to have all your technical questions answered up front. Contact our support team with any questions you have. With Edgenuity’s help, you can effortlessly reinvent your educational environment.

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