Drive Standards Mastery with Edgenuity

Drive Standards Mastery with Edgenuity

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Individualized Instruction to Drive Standards Mastery and Success on State and National Assessments

In this era of high-stakes testing and accountability, teachers need reliable tools to supplement classroom instruction and ensure students are mastering grade-level skills and standards. Edgenuity’s® test readiness solutions provide the targeted instruction and practice students need to learn these skills and be successful on high-stakes exams.

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Personalized Standards Mastery

Many students struggle to make connections between what they are taught in the classroom and how those skills appear on high-stakes tests, especially when the tests have technology-enhanced items that students don’t have much experience with. That’s why Edgenuity is proud to introduce UpSmart®, an adaptive learning program designed to help students in grades 6–8 demonstrate mastery in math and English language arts.

Assess. Adapt. Achieve.™

Targeted Assessment

UpSmart continually seeks to find out what each student is ready to learn and then provides the right level of instruction and practice for each topic. Students begin each topic with a short, targeted assessment designed to place students into the right level for that topic.

The power of UpSmart lies in its ability to place each student into the right level for each topic and then to continually adjust the level of instruction, support, and practice each student receives.

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Adaptive Practice + Instruction

Each level features a highly adaptive set of tasks that assess students’ mastery of skills and trigger appropriate scaffolds and instruction. This includes a variety of technology-enhanced tasks: students drag and drop numbers and words to construct equations and sentences, graph points and lines, create data displays, identify text and images in “hot spot” tasks, and write constructed responses.

UpSmart continuously accumulates data about each student’s understanding and adapts the difficulty of tasks and instruction, as well as the amount of practice, accordingly.

Just-in-Time Instruction

When a student struggles with a topic, UpSmart provides a number of scaffolds to help them complete the task and develop a deeper understanding.

  • Topic Instruction Videos help students overcome common stumbling blocks.
  • Progressive Hints are tracked and can be requested by students.
  • Answer-Specific Feedback helps students understand common misconceptions.
  • Direct Instruction and Modeling guide students through the question via Show Me videos.
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Award-Winning Technology

In 2018, UpSmart was a BESSIE Award winner, a best cross-curricular solution winner for the SIIA CODiE Awards, and an adaptive technology solution finalist for the EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards.

Real Results

Sixth-graders at Cross Middle School who used UpSmart outperformed their peers on the NWEA® MAP® Growth™ Math Assessment by 44 percent.

UpSmart Student Demo

Take a tour of the Edgenuity UpSmart student experience.

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UpSmart Supports English Language Learners

On-Screen Translation Tools

In order to be successful, it is crucial that English language learners can access and understand course content. With the translation tools available in UpSmart, students can receive support in their home language. On-screen text can be translated into over 60 languages, including Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. Additionally, students can hear text read aloud in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Translation in UpSmart is provided by Google Translate.

View UpSmart’s textbook alignments


The Educator Experience

Teachers and administrators can easily implement UpSmart as a companion to the core curriculum to provide students with additional practice with grade-level skills.

Real-Time Reporting on Student Progress

UpSmart offers continuous access to data and metrics to help teachers and administrators answer these important questions:

  • Which skills and standards have my students mastered and where do they still need to work?
  • What skills and standards are my students struggling with and how can I group students for reteaching?
  • Which students are at risk and what do they need?

Implementing UpSmart in Your Classroom

UpSmart can be used in a number of ways throughout the school year to provide students with an opportunity to practice and master state standards:

  • Companion to the core curriculum
  • Test-readiness program
  • Study skills class
  • Summer school
  • Before/after school
  • Saturday academy

UpSmart is also highly customizable to align to a classroom’s scope and sequence. Teachers can assign topics to students in conjunction with their classroom lessons, reorder topics as needed, prioritize topics, or allow students to complete topics in the order they prefer.

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Learn More About UpSmart

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Amphitheater Public Schools Research Brief

Research shows that students who spend more time in UpSmart exhibit greater gains

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UpSmart Brochure

Discover everything educators and students can do with UpSmart

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Curriculum and Instruction in UpSmart

Explore the methodology behind curriculum and instruction

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UpSmart Research Foundations

Read the research that informed the development of UpSmart

Edgenuity Virtual Tutors

Ensure every student can be successful on state and national exams

Edgenuity’s Virtual Tutor courses offer comprehensive preparation for end-of-course and exit exams, as well as the SAT®, ACT®, PSAT®, GED®, HiSET®, TASC®, ACCUPLACER®, and COMPASS®.

Preview our newest Virtual Tutor: Preparation for WorkKeys®

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Upfront Diagnostic

Pretests assess students’ strengths and weaknesses, creating an individualized content review program. Students only receive instruction and practice on skills they have yet to master.

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Direct Instruction

Our courses provide more than just practice. Expert, on-screen teachers guide students through the content, modeling strategic thinking, problem solving, and more.

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Frequent Assessments

Students receive data to help monitor their own understanding and stay on track. Teachers also receive ongoing data to monitor students’ progress and performance.

Learn more about the Virtual Tutor courses offered for your state exams

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