Research Foundations

Research Foundations

Research Foundations

Research Foundations

Edgenuity® is committed to developing innovative, research-based edtech courses, curriculum, and solutions that are proven to work.

In order to ensure that learning clicks for each and every student, we collaborate with leading experts to capitalize on current research in online learning, neuroscience, educational psychology, and instructional design. Additionally, we conduct evaluations through our partnerships with school districts and third-party research organizations to help prepare school leaders to implement online learning programs that foster academic achievement and place students on the path to success.

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Our Commitment to Research

How Edgenuity Courses Align with Research on Effective Instruction

Employing the best research-based practices in effective instruction to guide and teach online learners

How Edgenuity Mathematics Courses Align with Research

Translating the best mathematics research into precise, robust courses for deep learning and comprehension

How Edgenuity Courses Support Universal Design for Learning

Individualizing instruction and meeting the needs of all learners with an emerging, research-based approach

The Role of the Teacher in a Blended Learning Classroom

Facilitating learning, growth, and digital literacy, and changing students’ lives with technology

Supporting English Language Learners

Improving academic achievement of English language learners with evidence-based instructional strategies

Supporting Students with Disabilities

Making instruction accessible and engaging for students of all abilities, learning styles, and needs

The Need for Career and Technical Education

Preparing students for college, career, and beyond with relevant, rigorous coursework and real-world tasks

White Paper: Response to Intervention in Reading

Developing valid ways to identify reading and learning disabilities and provide early intervention

White Paper: Impact Evaluation: Mathematics

Differentiating intervention to help elementary and middle school students fill learning gaps in math

UpSmart® Research Foundations

Combining adaptive learning, differentiated feedback, and strategic scaffolding to support deeper learning

Curriculum and Instruction in UpSmart

Supporting just-in time instruction with adaptive learning so students can achieve standards mastery

White Paper: Supporting Personalized Learning

Meeting students where they are in math and reading/ELA so they can catch up, keep up, and get ahead

How do schools use our programs?

How do schools use our programs?

See how schools and districts across the country implement our online and blended learning courses and curriculum to overcome obstacles and promote positive outcomes.

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