Curriculum and Support for Virtual Programs + Schools

Developing your own virtual school or program can help extend your reach to better meet the needs of more K–12 students. We’ll partner with you to give you access to the curriculum, guidance, and support you need to build a successful program.

Curriculum and Support for Virtual Programs + Schools

Edgenuity Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs and Schools Give Teachers More Options

You know what your students and teachers need, but you don’t always have the time or the resources to do it.

Virtual programs also help schools and districts:

  • Reengage at-risk students
  • Recover lost enrollments and the funding associated with them
  • Expand summer school offerings
  • Address teacher shortages

Establishing your own virtual school or program helps open many new doors for both students and educators seeking offsite learning opportunities. Virtual programs offer students more flexibility and learning opportunities, so those who are homebound, working full- or part-time, or participating in athletics can still get the quality education they deserve.

And with over 400 standards-aligned courses, Edgenuity helps schools and districts expand course offerings and introduce students to new subjects and interests, as well as additional options for college and career.

The data and reporting features available in Edgenuity’s online learning solutions empower educators to quickly and easily monitor student performance and intervene to offer extra help and guidance as needed.

Customize your own virtual program right here, right now.

Powerful and Flexible Learning Solutions

Whether you need to offset short or long-term teacher shortages, or simply give your teachers more tools in the classroom, a virtual curriculum is the best and easiest option.

Edgenuity® partners with schools and districts across the country to design a variety of virtual programs for students in grades K–12. We provide helpful data and reporting features, learning solutions that can meet all school and student needs, and support to help you promote your virtual programs to students and families.

Edgenuity’s online courses put students on the path to success.

Learn more about our virtual instructors

What Virtual Programs offering best fits your needs?


Flexible suite of core curriculum, AP®, honors, elective, CTE, and concept and credit recovery courses for middle and high school students.


An engaging, comprehensive K–12 customizable curriculum that incorporates virtual instruction and Edgenuity’s highly-qualified teachers.


A library of core and elective courses to support use of flexible digital content for blended learning, credit recovery and alternative instructional settings.

Where do I begin?

To help you make the best decision in setting up your virtual program, we have prepared these free resources for teachers and educators.

Online and Blended Learning Workbook

This workbook is your go-to resource for incorporating online or blended learning into your school or district: checklists for planning, goal-setting, and implementation considerations, as well as budgeting and evaluation tools, and much more.

Best Practices for Virtual Program Success

Discover best practices for creating a successful virtual school and program, including defining academic goals, determining expectations and rules for students, establishing a system for professional development, promoting your program, and more.

Promoting Your Virtual Program

We have plenty of tips for helping you promote your virtual school or program through the best communication channels and formats.

Considerations for Student Success

Set the stage for your students to flourish by establishing expectations before they start, increasing their responsibility, and more.

Ready to plan your virtual program?

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